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Name: Terri
Age: 36
Bio: Mother to two, wife, editor of college textbooks, occasional writer, roleplay junkie (it's my outlet for the performance arts that I enjoy)
Birthday: 18 July

Q. Why RPG gaming?
A. I got into online RPGs in college with a Star Trek game and have basically never looked back. Until I was about thirty, I didn't realize that it was a way to subvert a lot of frustrated performance wishes -- I have played in symphonic bands throughout high school, done a little bit of singing in college, and some ballroom dancing (including shows) after that, and roleplaying is a lot like theater -- you put on someone else's face and you live their life, try to see the world through their eyes. And they get to have far more adventures than I.

Q. What attracted you to this particular game setting?
A. I didn't actually watch Firefly when it was on television. One of the current gamers asked me at a time when I was breaking ties with an old gaming group if I'd be interested, and I had seen the series by then and really liked it -- even tried to RP in it once before, but it was so rules-heavy with the person who ran it that I got tired of it. But I wanted to try it again. It's been great.

Q. What has kept you interested in this particular game and setting?
A. The players, mostly. We have a good GM who, though he has a slightly different style than the GM I "grew up" with, so to speak, is open to working with characters' backgrounds and fleshing them out into real people, so I've thoroughly enjoyed working within this system with Steve as the storyteller.

Q. Which character in Mutineers do you play?
A. Nika Earhart, ship's pilot.

Q. Where did you get the idea for your character?
A. She's something of an amalgam of characters that I have played in past campaigns, I guess -- primarily an Air Force Lt. Colonel that I played in a Stargate game and a cop that I play currently on a Heroes game. As a kid, I wanted to be a jet jock and an astronaut, so these things all came into play as well.

Q. Name one way your character is not like you.
A. She's far more prone to haring off on wild adventures than I am. She has also seen war -- I have taken some of her reactions from talking to soldier friends about some of the aspects of her personality.

Q. Name one way your character is like you.
A. Once she makes up her mind about something, it's a little hard to shake her. And loyalty to family and select groups is absolute -- We might fight internally about some things, but don't mess around with my people cuz then it's on.

Q. Do you mean to say that role playing involves taking real-life experiences and using them?
A. Sure, why not? Life informs art at all times, and what is role-playing but theater art?

Q. This Serenity campaign seems to generate a lot of outside-game writing. Where did you get the ideas for the journal entries you've written?
A. I think it's because I have been an online RPer for a long time. And that requires a lot of living in a character's head. It translates to my tabletop characters as well -- I like the interpersonal aspects of a character, not just leaving it on the table. Exploring the things that happen between games are just as important to a character's mindset as what goes on at the table.
Q. One last question. Do you think you will tire of the game and the setting, and go on to something else entirely?
A. One never knows! I'm open to all options.

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