Player Characters in the Short Game

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New Character Details-Jeweled Amber


PCs will have 100 Pips to allocate. ( some amount i will additionally assign ) assigned.

Each PC will have a Pattern Imprint(50)

Each PC will have 10 pips toward Shapechange representing an Amberlite racial familiarity with changing general facial features, finger and toes including prints and webbing, shifting between air and water breathing, creating and hiding tattoos and identifying marks

May not take Broken Pattern unless discussed.

Logrus imprint not allowed at the start.

Can choose linage with a GM veto. No one can be a child of Random or Corwin.

Each PC will have a GM provided item at no cost. A signature piece.

Each PC will have a minion of some sort. Background listed above.

Each PC will have a pet. Horse, dog, cat, weasel. If they do not pick one or work one into their character, one will attach themselves to them. Pick one since the one that attaches itself will be chosen by my whimsy.

Each PC will have an enemy. Every point spent for allies will be matched by the GM with an enemy of the same point value.

Jeweled Amber