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Isabelle “Zazie Smokes” Dubois[edit]

Sometimes, it all comes down to power – to strength. But, as you can buy both those things on any street corner, it really all comes down to money! But that’s not right, is it? Money isn’t ‘’everything’’. Because money is ‘’dull’’. Boring! A drag. And toiling endlessly for something dull just isn’t flash. Isn’t sparky!

That’s what Zazie learnt in the depths of Spire: the electric plays-on-spine tingle – the churning, gorgeous butterflies of the stomach! – when every, single person you’re dealing with…wouldn’t bat an eye if they killed you. That’s what Zazie learnt playing agent essential to feed Mistletoe-Growing-Wild’s expensive, illegal, ‘’exciting’’ habits. A…lick-licking anticipation at the likelihood of being imperilled.

How could she forget that when freed from her durance? Go back to being a stall peddler? So she learnt how to peddle guns and knives – drugs and more! – to people great and small. And, why, when that became somewhat passé what could she do to step it up from there…?

Revolution of course!

Skills Domains
Compel Commerce
Deceive Crime
Fight High Society


Cut a Deal

  • ‘’You know anyone who’s anyone…’’ Once per session, set up a meeting with an NPC who can acquire you pretty much anything available in Spire. It won’t be free, though, and odds are they’ll want a favour or a cut too.

Heart’s Desire

  • ‘’…and you know what they want.’’ Once per situation, pick an NPC that you can observe for a while. The GM will tell you what they want most of all right now.

Ignoble Tactics

  • Gain the Fight skill. Your bodyguard, if you have one, gains the Defensive tag.

Hidden Stashes

  • +2 Silver. In addition, once per session, acquire a (non-unique, mundane) piece of equipment instantly as you retrieve it from a cache.


Porter Standing (individual) | Stress: 0

  • A customs official with a love for the distractions of finer society, and a weakness for the coin with which to purchase them. Which of course makes him a smuggler par excellence, and therefore a frightfully important person for Isabelle’s stock-in-trade.

Joachim (PC) | [ ]

  • Habitual sacrilege is an expensive habit to have. Luckily, I'm always willing to help out a friend...especially one who is so useful an investment.


  • Three sets of beautiful robes and girdles, each in slightly different shades of blue.
  • Golden neckleaces, rings, and bracelets bearing the symbol of Azur.
  • Mr. Timothy Girder, professional protection (D6, Defensive, Tiring).


Refresh: Carry out a deal that benefits you more than it does the other party.

Free Slots Resistances Stress
- Armour 0
- Blood 0
- Mind 0
2 Shadow 0
4 Silver 2
2 Reputation 0