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016 Aquila C 66A 315 7 Low Population, Non Industrial, Waterworld[edit]

Total population 7300 Colonies: Poseidon 10

Poseidon is a cold world, its surface a clashing landscape of sea ice over deep, deep oceans. The shallowest points are a good five miles deep and much of the scarred surface goes down so far that pressure creates strange high density liquid and semi-solid states of sea water and salt crystals. It has a sizeable but basic orbital station run by HappiCorp with a hundred crew and a sea ice floating colony with 7200 dedicated to deuterium extraction, fish protein extraction and freezing to bloody death. Local technology capacity is very limited, loads of tech is recycled and supplies of pretty much everything bar bloody fish protein come in from Kanaloa. This is where HappiCorp's less happy employees end up, the incompetent, the lazy the glum. HappiCorp is proud to say no one ever gets fired, all have a job for life at the Corp if they want it; it doesn't mention just how crappy some of those jobs can get.

The local ecosystem is full of antifreeze laden fish like things with no jaws and propensity towards filter feeding in great profustion. Floating Echinoderm-likes actually encourage ice growth on their backs and have symbiotic algal gardens hanging below with a sub ecosystem of their own. These can get pretty big, miles wide, and not all of the many collisions of ice sheets are accidental. Huge things have allagedly been detected on the bottom as well, but it remains pretty much unexplored; even with TL 12 its a bastard job to get down there in one piece.