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Welcome to Post-Future, the project were we take your favorite settings and stories, and cast them in a darker hue. "Post-Future" means the world after tomorrow, when reality sets in. It means cyberpunk. It means dystopia. It means post-apocalyptic. It means a world where basically everything sucks.

It means, essentially, imagining the future of a setting, and then imagining the moment just after that where everyone looks around and says, "What the hell did we do?"

So, take your favorite world, add a healthy dose of Dark City, Fallout, or The Matrix, stir, and see what you get.

Feel free to be as detailed, or as undetailed as you want. Contributions can be anywhere from a short idea seed, to a full on independent game (though you might also want to crosslink something like that from Major_Projects). The fun of a Wiki is that if anyone else feels inspired by your idea, they can make their own additions.

--J Arcane 21:47, 14 May 2005 (PDT)


Dragonball Legends - The old heroes are gone now. A new order controls the Earth. But one unlikely hero has been given the chance, to tear down the evil that grips the world.

Star Wars: Dark Prophecy - A new Jedi Order has arisen, from the ashes of the old. But will Luke's paranoia destroy it from within?

Whither Tatooine - What happens when Luke, Leia, and the rest of the heroes leave Tatooine, after having decapitated the criminal underworld?