Prince Frederick

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A character in the PbP game The New Chronicles of Krazz'ak the Risen: Tome 1 - The Sword of Lost Hope.



Prince Frederick is dashing, noble, and handsome. He is skilled and popular at court, but somewhat out of his depth in the practical world (which our farmgirl will mock him for). He is a master with his rapier in a controlled, sporting duel, but severely disadvantaged in a real fight, where fencing rules are thrown out of the window.He was helped in escaping the castle of his father Eral the Just, by his old nursemaid Miriam, when his [u]evil uncle Erasmus[u] sold the kingdom out to Drakkar the Corrupter, and has sworn a terrible revenge to avenge his father!


Prince 19

  • Knows how to behave in polite society
  • Able to assume the duties of a prince
  • Flattery, intrigue, and eavesdropping

Duellist 17

  • Made quite the name for himself among his peers and fencing instructors
  • Expert with a rapier in a formal duel

Other Abilities[edit]

  • Dashing, noble and handsome 15 Charming, with a regal bearing, and a desire to do the right thing
  • Master with a rapier 15 In a fair and formal duel he is almost unbeatable*
  • Avenge his father 15 Determination and drive
  • Well read in history and mythology 13 Book learning and epics, not folklore and old wives tales

Resources and Relationships[edit]

  • Nursemaid Miriam 14 Pure and good. Raised me well, and may still be able to help out
  • True subjects 14 Frederick was popular with the peasants, and many subjects would prefer him on the throne to the Overlord


  • Disadvantaged in a real fight 17 Not prepared for opponents with no idea of a fair fight
  • Out of his depth 17 No country lore beyond organised stag hunts


Keywords are underlined. Supernatural abilities are in italics.

Noble, Dashing and Handsome raised by 1 point (cost=1hp). Relationship with True Subject raised by 1 point (cost=1hp).

4 Hero points remain