Princess Basanti of Taleron

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Princess Basanti (aka Prince Sebastian) of the Kingdom of Taleron

Once extra Prince, now important Princess for political alliances



  • The Perfect Princess

Beautiful, Grace, Style, Boy Magnet, Dance, Helpless Scream

  • Once a Prince

Riding, Seduction, Gallant Manners, Cool, Heroic, Educated, Heroic

  • Military Bound

Fencing, Shooting[Pistol], Run, Climb, Martial Arts, Pilot Starship

  • Noble Born

Command, Contacts, Presence, Charisma, Servants, History


  • Key The Transformed

As a male who is now a female Basanti is still thinking of in a male like manner. Hit the key whenever she allows the stereotypical 'male' behaviour to guide her actions. BUYOFF: Accept her new Gender

  • Key The Secret

While she might want to be male, she does not want to be seen as a freak. Hit the key whenever she passes herself off as the model of femininity. BUYOFF: Reveal the truth of her gender to someone she's fooled.

  • Key The Gallant

You are not easily cowed and stand up when those who cannot defend themselves. Hit the key whenever you stand up to bullies and tyrants. BUYOFF: Stand aside and allow those with power to dominate those without.


  • Secret of the Prince

Once Per session the gallantry of Prince Sebastian can shine through, intimidating males and causing women to fall in love(think schoolgirl crush) with her.

  • Secret of the Kitten's Claw

Once per session Princess Basanti can so completely convince someone of how harmless she is that she can take them completely by surprise.


Prince Sebastian was the youngest prince of 5 brothers. Under the standard rule of princes (Heir, Spare, Priest, Army) he was definitely military bound, and did not mind it in the lest. However there were forces at work that the young prince was not aware of. Namely the King and Queen of Taleron realized that a daughter would be useful for political alliances by marriage. Not wanting to trust to standard procreation that had to date only resulted in males they took another option.

The sixteen year old Prince Sebastian was chosen to become the daughter they never had. He was not given much choice in it. And one magical/technological process later the former prince was in possession of a pair of... X chromosomes.

Still reeling from the lost of a Y chromosome (and something else) he did not put up much of a fight as they shipped him off to a school to 'learn to be a princess'.