Princess Zara Sienshi

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Princess Zara of Sienshi




Style, Administration, Decorum, Linguistics


Brawling, Intimidation, Carousing, Tough, Strong-Willed, A (Former) Addict's Pain Tolerance


Security Systems, Sneaking, Smuggling, Data Analysis, Acting, Research

Alien Parasite[edit]

Surprise Tentacles, Spectral Vision, Startling Reflexes, Atmospheric Adaptability, Neural Stun, Active Camouflage, Clinging to Surfaces, Emotionally Distant, Bonelessly Flexible


Key of the Hidden Alien[edit]

Zara is, after all, actually a parasitic alien spy animating the brain-dead Princess of Sienshi. Hit the key when Zara conceals her alien nature. Buyoff: Zara openly reveals her alien nature.

Key of Loyalty[edit]

Zara has a deep need to act on the behalf of others. Hit the key when Zara acts solely for the benefit of a close friend or family member. Buyoff: Zara decides to start acting solely in her own interest.

Key of Curiosity[edit]

Zara has always been conditioned to gather as much information as possible, even taking risks to do so. Hit the key when Zara decides to investigate something, especially if there's no obvious need to do so. Buyoff: Zara decides that it's not necessary for her to act like a spy behind enemy lines anymore.


Secret of the Alien Parasite[edit]

Zara has numerous alien features that can assist her in various ways-- she can extend long, thin tendrils from her head or hands and fingers to manipulate tools at a distance, or produce a stunning charge through them, can see vastly more of the electromagnetic spectrum, can cling to walls, adapt to alien atmospheres, exude a mantle that acts as active camouflage, etc.

Secret of the Ultimate Spy[edit]

Once per session, Zara can reroll a failure on a roll to do something sneakily.