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He has three goals in life; to get very rich, destroy the international crime syndicate that fired him and to get rid of all the heroes. To achieve the first goal he has to accomplish the third, if he can do the second in the process, all the better.

He has no feeling, what so ever, for human life, except his own. He has already killed dozens and will run that total up as high as it needs to go to accomplish his goals. On a crowded street he will not hesitate to open fire on the crowd of bystanders to get the heroes thinking about something other then capturing him.

He is always right, if you do not agree with him then you are an obstacle to his desires. He does not treat obstacles very nicely.


PL 18 (270PP); Init +9; 30ft (Run), 75ft (Flight); Defense 28/19 (9 Base, 4 Dex, 5 Powers); BAB +9; +11 Melee (9S Punch), +13 Ranged (15S/L Light Attacks); SV Dmg +3 (15 Protection), Fort +3, Ref +9, Will +5 (10 Protection); Str 14, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 20, Wis 16, Cha 12 (Total 81PP)

Skills: Computer 4/+19, Search 4/+19, Spot 4/+7, Listen 4/+7, SC: Light Refraction 4/+19, SC: Holography 4/+19, SC: Gamma Radiation 4/+19, Taunt 2/+3, Bluff 2/+3, Intimidation 2/+6, Move Silently 4/+8 (Total 38PP)

Feats: Headquarters, Infamy, Leadership, Iron Will, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot (Total 16PP)


  • Super Intelligence +10 (Source: Mutation; Extra: Mental Protection) (Cost 2 / Total 20PP)
  • Light Suit (Armor) +15 (Source: Technology; Effect: Protection; Extras: Super Strength [7], Super Speed [5], Energy Control [Light], Absorption (Light), Flight, Illusions, Immunities [5]; Stunts: Energy Blast (Laser), Penetrating Attack (Focused Beam), Invisibility, Duel Damage) (Cost 10 / Total 107+8PP)