Prisoner of Oberon

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Prisoners of Oberon-GM:MANNY Game: Prisoners of Oberon GM: @Manny Cast: 3-6 Players System: ADRPG Description: There is a bunch of family members, all who have been imprisoned by Oberon for one reason or another, for one length of time or another. It has been "strongly rumoured" that one (or more) of you is about to be paroled, but the who, and the conditions of the parole have, perhaps, not yet been decided. Nor has what occasion that Oberon is commemorating or what reasoning in that mad little mind of his he is doing this. Characters: This is a heavy RP, background focused, politics and intrigue based game, rather than a powers-heavy game. You can, of course put points into your powers, but most, if not all of them are (of course) blocked, because, ... well ... prison-shadow. Same with items, or personal shadows. While they would make for excellent back-story (and possibly object worthy of being offered for bribery) they probably won't have a direct involvement with the goings-on in game. Will you work together? Is it a contest to see who can polish teacher's apple the most and get the prize? What interwoven interests do you have and will come out of all of this? How long have you been here? How do you feel toward the other prisoners? Those questions will probably be more important than how many troops you can command, How special your pattern-blade is, or how big your library is back at home. When: Evening/Night Slots