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The Valley of Cradles

Prophecies of the Earth Priestess.

Iskilli Hawl-Beak. "Through shame to the river of life and the affirming of an age old oath will come the most honour, Iskilli of no tribe. You will help found a lineage, yet die alone and ready."

Jonall Greenmile. "The knowledge you seek you will find only after you have entered and left the ruins. Your foes will seek you out before this and your life will be in danger. Beware the poison pen of your so-called brethren, and go left when the dark cross gleams."


"Jonall, something grasps at you...but I cannot say...I am sorry, it is beyond me."

Dunlang "Love. Death. Honor. The building of a legacy. You will threaten the life of a priest of your own, and you will pay for that. Something you would eat will call you friend. And a god will call your name . You will hang three nights before you die."

Drospin Sellinger. "If things go right, and my charge is done, three of your clan will die. However, they will carry your god further than ever, and your clan will grow and prosper. Water and Earth, Darkness and Fire, all revolve around you and yours. there are compromises to be made. Should I fail, you will die with honor as befits the just. There is no more."