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This is a list of ideas where GMs can post their interests for things to run in the future.

Rakesh's To-Run List[edit]

  • Unhallowed Metropolis
  • Qin: The Warring States
  • Reign
  • Weapons of the Gods
  • Nobilis
  • Wild Talents

Kevin's Interests[edit]

  • All Flesh Must Be Eaten (Return to Freedom)
  • Land of Og (Caveman Conudrums Again)
  • ZERO (the game of playing a borg-like drone)
  • Pokethulhu
  • Ninja Burger
  • M&M1e vs. M&M2e (same game twice in both rules)
  • Nextwave part III
  • the Prisoner (not sure what rules, using the GURPS resource)
  • Bunnies and Burrows
  • TOON!

Sophie's To-Run List[edit]

  • Vs. Outlaws
  • Wilderness of Mirrors
  • Dead Inside
  • Don't Rest Your Head

Mark's Promises[edit]

  • Calico Jack and the crew of the Rapacious (Savage Worlds)
  • Space Race 1907 (Savage Worlds or CORE)

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