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Charlotte "Lottie" Primrose The Queen Look: domineering; Eyes: calculating; Origin: most popular Activities: Vice-Captain of the Cheerleading Team, representative on the Student Council Hot +2, Cold +1, Volatile -1, Dark -1 Darkest Self: punish those who have failed me; escape by relinquishing power to someone worthy or upon destroying an innocent Sex Move: partner gains condition One of Them (counts as part of the gang) The Clique: they're talented (in a band or sports team) Streaming: hear the gang's emotions & fears, Gaze Into the Abyss (at +1) to move POV to one of them (Lasts about a scene, I guess? Time & effectiveness will vary.)

Strings: Charlie Thorne (1), Charity Grasse (1), Chaz Mellifera (1), Rowan (1 held by Charity), Snow (2), Melissa (1), Andrew Jove (1)

Charlene "Charlie" Thorne: Lottie's dorm mate, and a star player on both the girls' basketball and field hockey teams, Charlie is a tall redhead with an athletic build and a competitive nature.

Charity "Itsy" Grasse: Quiet and studious, Itsy helps everyone in the gang with their homework and has always done the reading. She's captain of the chess team, president of the Latin Club, and seems to run a small fandom club for just about any niche interest.

Charles "Chaz" Mellifera: A serious and focused young man with short hair and chiselled features, Chaz is a leader in both the fencing and kendo teams. Of all her other "selves" he is the one that makes Lottie uneasy, the one she sometimes has trouble reading.

Momma's Best Girl. Daddy's Princess. President of the Latin Club. Tennis Team Captain. Head of the Debate Team. Senior Principal dancer. Co-President of the French Club. School Newspaper Editor. Student Council President. Library Assistant. Art Club Founder. Head of Yearbook. Assistant Captain of the Girls' Softball Team. First Cello. Summer Camp Councillor. Intern. Volunteer.

Lottie was a busy, busy girl. When someone asked how she managed to fit so much into her life, she'd just smile and say, "organization!" She didn't bother to mention the little black and yellow pills she'd been taking since she was twelve.

It happened at a party, which was strange because Lottie never had time for parties - too unstructured, nothing she could put on a transcript or a college application. Somebody offered her cocaine, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Later, as her vision faded and all she could hear was the laboured pounding of her heart, all she could think was, "An overdose? How disappointing."

Her alarm went off the next morning and she dropped right into her morning routine. She was showered and getting dressed before she noticed she wasn't at home. She ended up missing her first day of classes, instead spending the day in the infirmary having a nervous breakdown. It was later that she started meeting her other selves.