Question of Infinity

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In a set of infinite things, everything is possible, especially the absurd
Dworkin Bariman

So it goes. His majesty asked me to answer this question for this tome because the response Prince Bleys game him was, as he puts it was "not helpful" and when he asked Arloxedra, the response he got was essentially a suggestion to read a book.

So I, Prince Delwin, will attempt to serve. Everything exists in a set of infinity. The question the Amberites had been asking was do the shadows exist beyond their observation or do they come into being, filled with history, politics, races and lives of men, when it occurs them to seek some strange nook in shadow. That they even questioned the matter amazes me since most of them couldn't be bothered to give a wet fig for the lives of shadowdwellers. While among my thousand best friends i rank maybe 4 of the Amberites among them, and one is my sister and another my son.