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Mother:Princess Llewella of Rebma

Eventho Llewella would not yet have been officially accepted as one of the family, it is known. So when Quinn was more of age Llewella would carefully allow them to come along when going out of Rebma. Be it at official meetings or gatherings Quinn would nto have an active part but Llewella thought it important that Quinn saw more then only their world beneath the watersurface.

During a party at the castle, Quinn would sit aside as they did not mingle much. Untill a huge shadow hovered over them, when looking up they saw the face of Gerard, after sharing a drink they started talking. Where Quinn was happy the amount of freedom Llewella would grand them Quinn said they would still like to see more. Gerard took that as his cue and talked with Llewella about taking Quinn out on some trips on sea. After concideration she agreed. Quinn would be safe enough with Gerard and another tutor in life would not be bad.