RESOURCES: Comics & Manga Art Tutorials

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Tutorials for creating comics and mangas.

Anime Ears by Tutorial Guide
Archetypes by Rio
A Super Deformed Tutorial by Bakaneko
Body: SD by Rio
Character Creation by Jas
Character Profiling by Neoshaman
Chibi Art by Polykarbon
Clean up your lines! by Genevieve
Create Names for Characters and Locations by Kapawww!!
Creating a Villain
Digital Comics 101 by NeonDragon
Creating Anime Art In Photoshop! by Sarah Ellerton
Drawing Anime Humans: An Exercise in Thinking by Candace Seu
Drawing Manga - Page Layout by Jean Tsai
Joel Fagin's Tutorials
Inspirational Anime by Sylvia Leung
Fighting by Polykarbon
Making Comics by Esrix, Gah, and Jakal
Making a Manga by Chris Riley
Oekaki Tutorial by Setsuna22
Paneling Basics by Rio
Panel Transitions by Rio
Specific Characters by Manga Tokyo University
Stereotypical Re'nai characters by Rio
Storyboards by Polykarbon
Storymaking by Rio