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Links to sites that cover information about famous criminals, murder mysteries, and similar topics.

Crime Libraries[edit]

Carpe Noctem - Seize the Night, about the mob, assasins, and serial killers.

Court TV's Crime Library - The mind and methods of the criminal

Specific Cities or Locations[edit]

Murders in Los Angeles - History of famous LA murders and scandles

Where the Stars Died - Where and how famous people bit it in LA

Unsolved Crimes[edit]

Unsloved Crimes - Also known as Unloved Crimes

Game Systems[edit]

[1] GURPS Mysteries (Steve Jackson Games, 124 pg. PDF)

[2] GURPS Cops (Steve Jackson Games, 128 pgs.)

[3] GURPS SWAT (Steve Jackson Games, 64 pgs.)

[4] Hogshead's Crime Scene series for d20.