RESOURCES: Devices and Objects Art Tutorials

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Art tutorials for drawing devices and objects.

3D Pipe by Screaming Art Designs
3D Spotlight
Adobe Illustrator Tutorial - Cutaway Technical Illustration by Kevin Hulsey
Automotive Cutaway / See-Through Car Illustration Tutorial by Kevin Hulsey
Basic Mecha by studio mica
Basic Photoshop Painting Techniques for Technical Illustrations by Kevin Hulsey
Chains by Screaming Art Designs
Drawing Celtic Knots by Meike de Nooy
Gritty Pipelines by Katherine Dinger
Gritty Wall Light by Katherine Dinger
Interface Metal Plates by N-sane
Mecha Components by studio mica
Mecha Tutorial by Polykarbon
[ Nails</a< by PHOTOSHOPCLUB
Pistol by Polykarbon
Quick Sketch Tutorial (car) by John Frye
Realistic Gears by Man1c M0g
School Uniforms: Miscellaneous by Rio
Screw by Screaming Art Designs
Screws and Rivets by Man1c M0g
Segmented and Curved Pipes by PURE PHOTOSHOP
Shinies! by Kelly Hamilton
Weapon Reference by Rio
Weapons and Mecha Variants by studio mica
Weapons Part I by Rio
Weapons Part II by Rio
Wire by Screaming Art Designs