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Links to pages about weapons, martial arts, wars, armies, militaries, and military history that are of use to gamers.

Melee Weapons[edit]

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
Spanish Fencing
Weapon Illustrations
Museum Replicas Limited
The Exiles -- Medieval Martial Artists
Famous Swords From History, Myth, and Literature
The Myth of Thrusting Vs. Cutting Swords
Ashoka Arts Ancient Indian Weapons
Arms, armour: weapons and accoutrement of warriors in Bharat through the ages
Hidden Weapons

Unarmed Styles[edit]

The Aikido FAQ
Martial Arts of the Indian Sub-Continent
Mr. Charon's: "Martial Arts of India" Connection
Kalaripayattu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Actualizing Power and Crafting a Self in Kalarippayattu
Oorjaa:Kalari Weapons, usages and tactics


FBI Handgun Wounding Factors and Effectiveness
Firearms Tactical Institute
Handgun Specials
Guns For Sale

Armies and Tactics[edit]

Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleonic Wars
Army Technology - Contractors by Category


World War II Vehicles and Advanced Squad Leader


Densetsu #14 Armor


Second World War - Chronology
Maps of World War II

Agencies and National Resources[edit] - innovative approaches to emerging security challenges
Special Frontier Force
Ministry of Home Affairs - Govt of India - India an Overview - Organisations - Assam Rifles

Pirates and Naval War[edit]

Marquesate's Pirates of the Caribbean Fanfic Writers' Resources