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RPG Lexica: All The Terms We Use

This is where we can put descriptions of all the specialized terms we use... though not so much formal ones (like in here) as not-so-formal ones (such as in the Great RPG.net Terminology thread)


I think we all could use a "serious" dictionary occasionally (to settle the question "What does this term mean again?" without digging through a dozen sourcebooks) ...but, personally, I like the not-so-serious stuff myself, because every now and then you need a term to describe some aspect of the game that irritates you, or exasperates your players, or maybe just reminds everyone of some entertaining shared experience.

There used to be a site called GamerJargon.com that had several of these, some of which I would use in my games (such as "Freight Train from Hell" for a roll of 18 (6-6-6) in GURPS, which is a critical failure) and some of which were just amusing stories in themselves (One word: gazebo). Unfortunately, when the RPG.net Terminology thread was active, I went looking for that site... and found out it had bought the farm, and wound up in the Great Web Server In The Sky.

So, I'm thinking ... let's bring it back! Let's have a place where people can put the terms they use in their games, serious or not, so that the rest of us can use them, and have a, um, cohesive vocabulary of role-playing-game elements to, um, facilitate understanding. (Yeah, that's it.) And maybe we can bring back GamerJargon.com, too.

PS: Lexica is a legitimate term--it's the plural of lexicon, according to Dictionary.com.

PPS: UPDATE: Turns out I'd forgotten about ... the Internet Archive! You can see the last version of GamerJargon.com here.

Existing Lexica

This Lexicon

(Last Modified: Lord Knockwood the Mad 00:38, 9 May 2005 (PDT). For now, this is primarily just a framework. I'm relying on the collective work of RPG.netters to fill it up. ) (Update: This Main Page is being locked because it's a frequent spammer target. The sub-pages are still editable, though. --Lord Knockwood the Mad 17:29, 25 January 2006 (PST))

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