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Rachel McAlister - Pilot
First Episode Pilot Episode
Theme Song '
Played By Katharine Ross
Full Name Rachel McAlister
Legal Status Core Citizen
Known Aliases N/A
Age 60
Birthplace Constance
Favored Weapon N/A
Physical D6
Mental D10
Social D8
Role Experienced Pilot
Background Seen it All
You Old rascal: Step up an Asset to D8 in the form of an acquaintance, friend, or lover from your past.
Personality Still Flyin
I've had worse: Spend a Plot Point to turn a Complication into an Asset for one Action; Step Up the complication afterward.
Skills Craft D4, Drive D4, Fight D4, Fix D4, Fly D12 (Transports d6), Focus D10, Influence D10 (Calming Influence d6), Know D6 (Space Ports d6), Labor D4, Move D4, Notice D6, Operate D10 (Ship's Systems d6), Perform D4, Shoot D4, Sneak D4, Survive D6, Throw D4, Treat D4, Trick D4
Signature Assets
Signature Assets Delilah D8


2465 - Rachel Born
2491 - Rachel Begins on Delilah
2493 - Rachel Leaves Delilah
2494 - Daughter Rosalie born
2507 - Rachel Returns to Delilah
2508 - UWar - Athens Drop
2512 - Rachel Leaves Delilah (Grand daughter born)
2515 - Grandson Born
2516 - Rachel Returns to Delilah

Physical Appearance[edit]

Psychological Profile[edit]

RPs & Journal Entries[edit]

  • Pipe Dreams - Rachel and Freddy Piper discuss the future of Delilah.

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