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Warrenian Hare - Cost 2 CP[edit]

File:Bucky01.jpg Planet of Origin: Warren The hares are a prosperous mammalian race that have played no small role in the UAC or the war against the toads. They are easily identifiable by their long ears that face backwards, folded over (rabbits have the pink sides forward). Their furs range from green, brown, white, or grey. Black is very uncommon. Most hares belong to the Great Mother Cult.

Attributes: Heightened Senses (hearing) Level 1 (1 CP), Jumping Level 1 (1 CP), Speed Level 2 (2 CP)

Defects: Not So Strong 1 BP, Not So Tough 1 BP

Hares (and Rabbits) all have large ears. They are also quite fast and can leap long distances.

Variant: Warrenian Rabbit - Cost 4[edit]

Planet of Origin: Warren Largely reclusive and endangered, the rabbits of Warren are a tribal, esoteric bunch. Though the hares won’t admit it, until the last century they hunted their rabbit brethren to extinction, believing that the Great Mother decreed it. The rabbits live in the woodlands and have their own language and culture. They are taller than their hate counterparts, and their fur is black or brown, but mainly black, which is why a hate with black fur is often chastised for having rabbit blood, even if it isn’t true. Rabbits are not permitted to own land under hare law.

Remove Not So Strong and Not So Tough. Add Not so Fast 1 BP and Body +1 BP.

Aldebaran Cat - Cost 6 CP[edit]

File:Chante Junk .jpg Planet of Origin: Aldeberan This feline species of slender cats is reclusive and mysterious. Their fur colors are usually grey, white, brown, tan, or black. The women wear flowing robes when not in battle and bodysuits when in battle. They wear spellgems on their foreheads, wrists, thighs, and weaist. They grow their hair to their heels. Men do not wear spellgems.

Stat Adjustments: Body +1

Attributes: Features (fur, tail, night vision) Level 3 (3 CP), Heightened Senses (hearing) Level 1 (1 CP), Natural Weapons (fangs, claws) Level 2 (2 CP), Special Movement (balance, catlike) Level 2 (2 CP), Jumping Level 1 (1 CP)

Defects: Not So Strong 1 BP, Not So Tough 1 BP

Nharnian Lion - Cost CP[edit]

Because Nharnians have been in the aniverse for over eight hundred years and their lifespans are not that long, they are now considered natives. But it should be noted here that they were not originally from the aniverse. Either way, this lion race currently hails from Nharnia. They are religious ascetics, wearing plain brown robes and shaving their manes (males, anyway) until they come of age.

Corsair Canard - Cost CP[edit]

Planet of Origin: Canopis III The four-armed ducks of Canopis III are not called that without reason. They are all originally from Canopis, but many live offworld, on bases like Rigel VII. Social groups vary greatly, and one’s allegiance depenfs on where one was raised on the planet. Most famous to offworlders are the corsair canards (a group of pirates) and the ninja ducks. Ducks from Canpois have feathers in a variety of colors, including black, green, yellow, brown, blue, and white.

Baboon - Cost 5 CP[edit]

Planet of Origin: Beetleguisia The orange baboons of Beetleguisia are a hardy, agricultural people, living in tree houses and raising crops. Toads seem to have some sort of irrational, innate fear of baboons, so the babooons have become essential to the fight against the toads. Most baboons are naturally skilled intimidators and talk in broken speech. To put it lightly, they are not considerd the most intelligent species in the aniverse.

Stat Adjustments: Body +2

Attributes: Combat Mastery Level 2 (Must Make A Soul Stat Roll To Use), Features Level 2 (Fur, Night Vision)

Defects: Nemesis Level 1 (Life Enemy), Unique Defect Level 2 (+2 to all Stat Rolls Made vs. Toads)

Dog - Cost CP[edit]

Planet of Origin: Canis I-III The dogs of the aniverse come in a variety of breeds, though various versions of pit bulls seem to be dominant. They all pretty much hail from the Canis system of planets. Most dogs strive to be scientists or military officers.

Fox - Cost 6 CP[edit]

File:Mimi01.jpg Home Planet:

Stat Adjustments: Body +1, Mind +1

Attributes: Features (night vision) Level 1 (1 CP), Heightened Senses (smell, hearing) Level 2 (2 CP), Heightened Awareness Level 1 (1 CP), Natural Weapons (fangs) Level 1 (1 CP), Special Movement (untrackable) Level 1 (1 CP)

Defects: Not So Strong 1 BP, Not So Tough 1 BP


Home Planet: Urth (Earth)

Just a regular human. Nothing to see here.

Actually, due to the rarity of this species in the Aniverse, they now earn the Marked Defect as long as they are there. While on Earth, the effects are nulled (though the defect stays). This is necessary since most campaigns will take place in the Aniverse.


Planet of Origin: The Toad Homeworld

An amphibian race, the toads were once peaceful but are not now brainwashed into being a race of militaristic warriors, albeit not necessarily good ones. They are exclusively green but can vary in size and build. To put it mildly, they have never been known for their bravery or intelligence.


Home Planet:


Planet of Origin: Saurion

The blue lizards of Saurion are a unique society. Staunchyly Lopinenean, they live in a feudal society where the greatest warriors become samurai, a group of knights who follow a very strict code of honor Those who violate this code are sent to slave labor mines. In fear of this, many regenade samurai leave Saurion, coming to populate seedier areas of the cold blood aniverse. The lizards are sacly creatures who come in shades of blue and green.


Home Planet: