Raise Dead

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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

  • Range: 120'
  • Duration: permanent
  • By means of this spell the cleric can raise any human or demihuman from the dead. An 8th level cleric can raise a body that is 4 days dead. For each level above 8th, four days are added to this time. A raised character will be at 1 hit point and cannot fight, cast spells, use abilities, carry heavy loads, or move more than half speed. It will take two weeks of recovery, that cannot be aided by magic, before the character can perform normally again. This spell may be used against one undead creature. A failure by the creature to save vs. Spells will result in it being destroyed.
  • The reverse of this spell is finger of death. It creates a death ray that will kill one creature. There is no effect if the creature makes a saving throw vs. Death Ray.

Rstites DM ruling:

Raise Dead is too easy in B/X, so I will have the following stipulations: you have to be healed first (easy enough for Dayrell) to have a whole body, you do lose a point of Con, you do have to make a Saving Throw (details to come)