Random, Benedict, Bleys, & Vance at the Oracle of Night

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Four men walk to the base of the towering spires around the field of broken pillars. War has broken some pillars but the spires are too close to Chaos and they can never be fully broken.

The first ascends the stairs. Thin, gaunt, but muscled, Benedict moves with the grace of the warrior born. He sits on the icy stone seat and gazes into the mist. In time he descends. Dour, even for a grim man, he looks to the fourth man with the look of death.

The second man, in reds and golds, walks up to take the seat, taking a chug of the whiskey of Amber for fortification. His continence is that of a man walking to the gallows. He has been here before an only a dagger from his king could drag him here again. In time Bleys comes down from the high seat. Riffling cards as he comes, he opens a trump and steps though before he can confront the fourth man.

The third man, seeing the second depart, looks to the fourth, his face an appeal to let him pass on the trip up the stairs. The fourth shakes his head. Turning, the third man ascends as though he would meet the axe at the top. In time he returns. Vance’s eyes cannot meet the fourth man’s gaze.

The fourth man starts up the stairs but is stopped by the first, gripping his shoulder tightly.

“Don’t. Nothing you will see up there matters now. We know enough. “

The fourth man says, “Mayhaps. But I am willing to bet it will answer me more clearer if i bear the jewel with me.”

The man strides up the stairs. As he walks he pulls a heavy chain from beneath his doublet. On it hangs a heavy red stone. He dons the Eye of the Serpent and takes a seat on the throne of the Oracle of Night. The stone glows brightly red, as if it objects. It tugs on the chain around his neck.

Casting his mind into the stone to calm it, he sees the red fire within.

“That can’t be good”