Random and Brand and conversations on Flat Top

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Castle bastion.jpg

Looking out over the waters from the top of the east tower two brothers share cigars, bandy and conversation. That doing so is such a new thing in their family does not escape either. The sun sinks in the west and dusk dies in the east as night comes on.

Random rests in a crenelation. Across from him is his red headed brother, the author of mischief and madness. While all of his kin are responsible for bloodshed, it seems strange to sit with him. Yet so much is strange between them. Though between them at the moment are trays of pickled eggs and pickled vegetables. Sausages, cheese, mustard, and crackers and rye bread. And jugs of wine of course. Do two brothers in Amber ever talk without wine?

Brand makes a small sandwich of sausage and rye, dipping it in the mustard then the Calrabon Hot Sauce.[[1]] "Is there something on your mind, brother? IT seems odd to invite me here from my dungeon cell unless there is a purpose."

The king shrugs, "I had to get out. Get some air. I didn't necessarily want to talk to anyone but i also didn't want to sit up here brooding. People get worried when i look serious and contemplative while alone. It occurs to me that of all the people in the universe you are the only one i can command to my presence and then also make magically disappear. Handy."

Brand chuckles, "Well as you note, I am at your beck and call. Tonight's quandary is a personal one or a private one?"

Random takes a cigar and lights it. "Oberon kept us ignorant on purpose. You know this?"

Brand nods, "Of course, why do you think Bleys and Fiona and I sought out Chaos? Hell, we barely knew what Chaos was. We got an education for sure."

Random nods, "Before Patternfall we barely knew how to use our powers. We shadow walked and sure we learned stuff there. But he didn't even try to teach us. We didn't know our blood line. Didn't know Dworkin was our grandfather. Barely knew Regor existed. Knew of a few of the squiggles but not how they were created/