Random and advisors worry about CHAD

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Random stands looking out to sea .The view of the harbor shows a busy harbor that out does the traffic during Oberon's reign. Looking north he sees in the distant Port Tosa; the region he gave to Duke Lop of Wall, King Alexandir of Tosa and CHAD. They warned him. Now its time for them to tell their king they told him so.

Benedict looks to the west, his silence louder then all the others. Brand stands beside Benedict with an uncertain frown on his face despite his house arrest.

At lose era stares it a flattened crystal ball, examining a place in shadow. Fionna looks over his shoulder.

Bleys, the bearer of the bad news, stands wide eyed and angry, his arm crossed.

Random sighs. "Ok. Tell me that again, slowly this time."

Bleys nods," Shadow is vast, as we know, and we can't track down everything. Also certain place in shadow are imbued with cosmic importance, usually of a local nature."

As Bleys takes a breath Brand adds across the tower top, "Or not so fraking local, like maybe having sway over thousands of neighboring shadows."


Arloxedra mumbles, " doing a great job..." Fiona chuckles.

Bleys scowls but looks to his king glad, not for the first or last time, that he failed to conquer Amber.

"Alexandir and his personal army of Tosian and Yorkist fanatics were out beyond the Amber sway, not near the Mandalay sway, deep in the wide veils of shadow. Jeremy Fairhand and his worshipful cadre of psychotic wizards were ranging off the Jeweled Road for worlds with large scale military movement. Armies of 200k and above. Then Alexandir leads a corps or a wing in out of shadow,ruins them, gains adulation for saving the day. Out of gratitude Alexandir recruits elite warriors and Jeremy grabs a few artifacts. Good deal all around."

Random nods, " Well, I'm told Alex is greedy. Its not like the people he saved are going to skip out on their bar bill. So what happened?"

"Jeremy found a massive army around a gigantic keep. Black stone, 5 miles in circumference, just over a mile tall. Nearly a million troops ready to invade a collection of neighboring kingdom. Jeremy said there was some artifact in the fortress that was off the scale powerful. If they could claim the item the army would disperse."

"Alexandir was chomping to attack but while arrogant he isn't stupid. He passed on the creepy tower and the million warrior army and went on down the Jeweled Road for a more profitable target."

Arlo mumbles,"...and then...."

Bleys turns to give Arlo and evil eye.

But he goes on."Jeremy however still wanted the artifact. He could apparently sense its power, according to our informant. So he took a Total Warrior Star Shuttle and returned. He beamed a high yield hydrogen bomb into the base of the castle, set a timer and slipped out of shadow. When he returned there was a jewel sitting at the bottom of the vaporized tower and the disintegrated army."

Arloxedra whispers into Fiona's ear," and now my favorite part...."

Bleys says, " Apparently the jewel is a first shadow of the jewel of judgement. The dark green one. Its been confirmed by Dworkin. Jeremy let me see it... from a distance. He say he found it, he's keeping it. So now the Tosian god of dark magic has a shadow of the Jewel of judgement. "

Random beats Arloxedra to it:"What could possibly go wrong?"