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Hatch Name: Rasturivar
Use Name: Rast
Age: Hatchling
Breed: Drake
Affinity: Spark
Personality: Regnant
Ambition: Conquest

Rasturivar is friendly, compassionate and endlessly curious. Physically, he is slender almost to the point of illness, with scales that are dark grey on the surface but have a shining, shimmering undercoating exposed when they are scratched (he occasionally takes the time to "tattoo" himself by carving designs into his scales). His main "followers" are birds of the island; a flock of "cleaner" birds which clean him and his fledgemates of parasites in exchange for acting as spies (or maybe that's his intended first group of followers, I can't tell if we start with coins to spend).

Mastery: Trinkets(Drake): Spend a coin to put a coin in your "trinket pool" up to once a scene. Spend coins from the trinket pool to duplicate a different Affinity Mastery for one use which must be paid for separately.
Mastery: Spark: Spend a coin to: Alter the scene by destroying elements via electricity or magnetism, aspect the scene by catching things on fire, aspect a notable character or group of extras by attacking with electricity or magnetism, stun a notable character or group of extras to reduce their action limit for a round, increase your own action limit by one (no other affinity abilities may be used)
Mastery: Regnant: Spend an hour recruiting and a number of coins to gain the service of extras with an (Action Limit + Masteries + Traits) equal to the number of coins spent.

Drive: Shiny New Thing (Drake): Draw a coin when you acquire an item of value for yourself or your fledge acquires one.
Drive: Helping Hands: Draw a coin when your followers assist the fledge.

Influence: They Can Come Too: Award a coin when another character spotlights or includes your followers