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Ratak, Pict Shaman
Level 5 (20,489 xp)
Chaotic Good

Male 19 y/o 6' 0” 149lb Orange Hair Green Eyes

Str 11 Test 2:6, Feat 4%
Dex 10 Test 2:6, Feat 4%
Con 10 Trauma 75%, Test 2:6, Feat 4%
Int 12 Learn 50%
Wis 16 Willpower +1, Bonus Spells: 1x1;1x2, Learn 75%
Cha 7 React/Loyal -1, Max Hench 3

FA2, TA3, CA5, SV14 (+2 Death, +2 Sorcery)
HD 5d6 HP 26
AC 4 MV 40

Long Spear +1 – 1d6+1 (1d8+1)
Short Bow 50/100/150 – 1d6

Draw Poison
Magic Item Use
Medicine Man
Read Magic
Scribe Scroll
Sorcery: Cleric, Magician
Totem: Grouse
Turn Undead

Bless x2
Cure Moderate Wounds x2
Dispel Magic

Secondary Skills – Hunter, Logger / Woodcutter

Languages – Common, Keltic (Pictish dialect)

Studded Armour 25gp
Short Bow 20gp
Long Spear 5gp
Quiver (12) 6gp
Leather Backpack 5gp
Chalk x4 4cp
Hemp rope (50ft) 1gp
Pry Bar 1gp
Tinderbox 2gp
Torches x2 4cp
Wire 3gp
Iron Rations (1 man 1 week) 5gp
Full wineskin 1gp

Magic Items Long Spear +1
Studded Leather +2
Magician Spell Scroll - Summon Monster I (3rd level)
Cleric Spell Scroll - Hold Person (2nd level)
Antidote Potion (functions as naturalize poison spell. Entire potion must be imbibed to prove efficacious)
Potion of Climbing (as the spider climb spell. Duration 1d4+6 turns. If half is drunk the duration is 1d4 turns)

Money - 35pp 10gp 8sp 2cp

Ratak was a young shaman's apprentice at Ptarmigan Rock, a rising star. The other apprentices grew jealous, and Ratak grew proud, arrogant even. The others framed Ratak for a terrible taboo, eating the liver of the sacred grouse. Ratak, enraged, challenged the evidence; he was not believed. He offered to put his life on the line in trial-by-combat to prove his innocence; this was refused due to the severity of the crime. No matter what he did or offered to do, his master refused to even listen. Shattered, he escaped and fled into the wilderness, thence to other people's lands, trying to eke out a living ...