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Geographical Information
Size Medium
Location Dragonmaw Peninsula, Southeast Nabrev
Societal Information
Demonym Nabrevians
Population 2500
Races Enormous Variety
Political Information
Ruler Wrevyn Wringfinder, Governor
Valyra Sharalei, Councilor
Benjamin Lochlaman

The City of Ravenport[edit]

Ravenport is a sprawling city filled with exotic shops, taverns, and inns.


Ravenport is governed primarily by Wrevyn Wringfinger. Very seldom does an event require Wrevyn's direct attention, however, so he spends most of his days either in study or with his friends. If any situations arise, however, he doesn't hesitate to drop whatever he's doing and responds immediately.

There is also a council made up of a select few of Wrevyn's former adventuring companions that assist in the day-to-day management of the city. There's the beautiful Valyra Sharalei, who assists Wrevyn with any important decision and oversees the trade aspect of Ravenport. Benjamin Lochlaman is the Warden of the Reformatorium. Ambolt Hamre is essentially the city's guard captain due to his immense combat prowess.


There is a good amount of trade between Nabrev and Mainside. For the most part, Ravenport only imports food and drink. It exports a cornucopia of exotic goods, however. These goods include rare metals, exotic species native to the moon, Nabrevian flora, and more.


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Ravenport's local guard consists mostly of the Hollow Helms, or just Hollows as they're locally known. It maintains no standing army, though any number of adventurers would heed the call should Ravenport call for assistance. The hollows are sentient constructs crafted by Wrevyn Wringfinger himself to guard his city. They are loyal to a fault, and would never do anything to harm Ravenport.