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Mock Harass, AKA Mark Harris, he/his Backbeat (Drummer)/Earthling



You know how to give the leads exactly the grounding they need to launch a shredding solo or infectious hook. When you’re playing a backup part, you may change the face values of any dice you add to the Group Pool to any number that isn’t already showing in the group pool.


You don’t get to play the lead parts that jump out in front of the crowd and grab their attention, but you know how to grab the spotlight with a driving rhythm. When you play a part in a song, you can become Star of the Show based on the size of the set you create in the Group Pool, rather than the size of the set you play.


Your first priority when things get rough is to look after your comrades. You can spend sets from your roll to block violence actions aimed at your bandmates, instead of only those aimed at you.


Vamp for Time

Lots of unexpected problems can come up in a show. A string breaks, someone screws up the lyrics or their voice cracks. You can fill these awkward moments with sound and get everyone back on track. Expend this Solo whenever you are playing backup to allow all leads to reroll any number of dice in their pools. Refresh this Solo at the start of a gig.

Stat Grid[edit]

Grid Points: this is hard to represent without a character sheet uploaded but... Organize Music, Perform Music, Organize Tech, Perform Tech, Evade Authority, Perceive Minds

Music 3 Violence 2 Tech 2 Authority 2 Minds 2
Organize 3 XXX XXX FREE
Perform 3 XXX XXX FREE
Pose 1 FREE
Perceive 2 FREE XXX
Evade 2 FREE XXX

Other Stuff[edit]

Mock is a dropout from the police academy and still has friends among his fellow cadets, including Starr Dombrowski, a charming young police trainee.

Mock's Relationships: Jack [Friend] 3 Argonite [Love] 4 Rubix [Rival] 3

Genres: Cabaret Glam +Pop from Argonite

Personal Fame[edit]

Injury Clocks[edit]