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Jia Xin Si "Jacinth"[edit]

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Refresh: 3


High Concept Communist Entrepreneur
+ Invoke: Jia deals with money and merchants for her commune, but on her terms.
+ Compel: Jia will only keep more than she needs if none of her own need it more.

Trouble My community is the only law
+ Invoke: Her absolute loyalty to the people she coexists with pays dividends.
+ Compel: Her complete lack of concern for broader regulations or expectations can get her in a lot of trouble.

Free Always looking for a good score
+ Invoke: Jia always has her eyes and ears open for the next shiny thing to appropriate, and they don't miss much.
+ Compel: If she knows about it, she wants it, and she won't stop thinking about how she can get her hands on it.

Free Good fences make good neighbors
+ Invoke: Jia has developed a redundant network of fences in most trade ports--or outright merchants in the lawless ones. She can get information or money, as long as she has something in trade.
+ Compel: In any given port, there's someone who knows her handle, and possibly her general appearance, and what she does. Things can get a little hot in this business, especially if she hasn't brought them anything to sell in a while.

Free The very picture of innocence
+ Invoke: Between her childish stature, her innocent eyes and her dimpled smile, it's hard to say with a straight face that she's suspicious of much of anything, unless she's aroused that suspicion herself.
+ Compel: The only way she can get new business is by word of mouth from previous customers. Nobody will believe on sight that she's capable of much of anything, except for getting into cramped spaces, unless they witness her in action.


+5: Military-Grade Stealth
+4: Charm, Profession: Smuggler
+3: Computer, EVA, Survival
+2: Assets, Archaeology, Resolve, Agility
+1: Stamina, Close Combat, Culture/Tech (Necklace), Repair, Vehicle


Military-Grade Stealth
You Can't Hide from What You Can't See: Use Stealth for Awareness
I Know Exactly Where I Am - Gets a +2 on any Overcome roll to find her way back out of any land-based location (Vehicle, Stealth, EVA, Survival, Alertness skills). Does not apply to spacecraft or aircraft navigation.


Health: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Composure: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Wealth: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]


A small duffle bag of equipment sufficient to set up an improvised gym
A Tech 1 knife
A pressure suit
A Tech 1 hand computer
(Not sure what equipment a space smuggler would have?)
Well-worn running shoes
Survival kit with rations
John Lennon sunglasses