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Khai Boran[edit]

Fate Points: 2

Refresh: 3


Khai Boran1.jpg


High Concept: Exiled Heng Nyyep hacktivist

Trouble: Shadowed sceptical subversive

Phase One: Knowledge wants to be free

Phase Two: High-minded keeps low company

Phase Three: Revolution first, cash and comfort later


Superb (+5) Computer

Great (+4) Profession (cyberwarrior); Stealth

Good (+3) Navigation; Resolve; Science

Fair (+2) Charm; Repair; Slug Thrower; Culture/Tech ( Crossroads/Namahak, New Macau)

Average (+1) Alertness; Brawling; Bureaucracy; Stamina; Communications


Health O O O

Composure O O O

Assets O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________


Social Engineering: Use Computer when it comes to specific social interactions designed to facilitate a hack (stealing passwords, bluffing into secure server farm, etc.)

Slippery Target: Provided you’re in darkness or shadow, you can use Stealth to defend against ranged attacks from enemies that are at least one zone away

Can't Hack the Hacker: Use Profession to Defend against Charm, Intimidation or Oratory, especially where deception is involved.


Khai's on the run from the Mandarinate, the ruling Heng Nyyep oligarchy. They have a pretty sophisticated off-world intelligence network with a long reach. Much of it is devoted to economic and technological intelligence-gathering, but it still does the job. So he has to stay one step ahead of them, and of the intelligence services of the oligarchy's allies.

Khai's a lone wolf. Part of his frustration is that his native world is so placid. The few other liberation movements in his opinion are far too ignorant and amateurish to accomplish anything - and probably shot through with informers. Part of his off-world knowledge quest is to learn more sophisticated revolutionary political techniques. Right now he's in his Motorcycle Diaries phase, while studying revolutionary activism and working out his own creed.

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