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Janelle Rosa Prentice Gotter, Scion of Gotter House[edit]

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Fate Points: 4

Refresh: 3


Janelle Rosa Prentice Gotter.jpg


High Concept: Noble-Engineer on Raumspringen journey, fallen in with revolutionaries.

  • Invoke: to fit in with upper classes, to find someone she knows from her travels, to convince revolutionaries that no, really, I'm one of you, or to
  • Compel: looks too flighty to be taken seriously, only understands poverty intellectually.

Trouble: Torn between my House and the Revolution.

  • Invoke: Passionate speeches, defending either side from the other.
  • Compel: indecisive in the face of a conflict, vulnerable to personal appeals from either or both sides.

Phase One: The Mehrlicht is more than a ship to me, she's an old friend

  • Invoke: Keep her flying, push her beyond her limits, know her inside and out.
  • Compel: Unwilling to risk losing her, uncomfortable with anyone else at the helm, and not as skilled piloting anything else.

Phase Two: Wide-eyed enthusiasm for adventure! and fun!

  • Invoke: Overcome fear, do daring stunts (not combat, more roll under the closing tomb door), party hard, cope with the morning after.
  • Compel: get into trouble, overdo the fun, wake up to discover that the night before she pledged herself to a revolutionary movement she doesn't really understand...

Phase Three: My tech is like my fashion: always one-of-a-kind unique and beautiful.

  • Invoke: to look fancy and impressive, to disguise tech as jewelry, to hide a function in something, harder for others to use.
  • Compel: form has overcome function, distinctive and easy to trace, harder for others to use.


Superb (+5) Repair (MG)

Great (+4) Engineering; Assets

Good (+3) Pilot; Charm; Stamina

Fair (+2) Resolve; Culture/Tech; Close Combat; Navigation

Average (+1) Archaeology; Profession (Engineer-Scientist); Science; EVA; Micro-G


Health O O O

Composure O O O

Assets O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _____________________

Severe [6]: _______________________


Military Grade Repair: Fixing things is like breathing for Rosa, skilled even by the standards of her family. Usually whatever she fixes is better than new when she's done with it, at the very least carrying some of her signature style.

Has a Ship (The Mehrlicht), detailed below: Something of a luxury craft, something of a heavy hauler, and quite a lot of a passive spyship.

Use Repair for Archaeology: when you grow up in the ruins of a failed techno-apotheosis, when your civilisation relies on archeotech that runs on principles no one living understands, what's the difference between the two?


First Phase: I Know a Guy

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Second Phase: I Know another Guy

The quick brown space-fox jumped over the lazy astro-dog.

Third Phase: I Know a third Guy whose Cousin Knows a Guy...

Sure he does...

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