Red Markets Get Rich or Die Trying: Sky High

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Sky High[edit]

Important Groups[edit]

(In order of relative social importance within Sky High’s tiered society)

  • (Tier 1) The Astronomers - Original surviving owners turned landlords. These astronomy aficionados have over time turned reclusive retreating to their grand observatory atop the mountain where they find solace in the stars.
  • (Tier 2) The Artisans - A collective of skilled laborers, engineers, and technicians that keep Sky High producing precision parts, energy, and technical skill as an export. The Artisans are unofficially the most powerful group socially since they control the day to day operations and maintenance of Sky High’s amenities.

Important People[edit]

  • Father Hubble - Real name Christopher Jacobson, but has gained his current moniker through his role as head of the Astronomers. He is infamously zealous in his quest to protect the information held within the observatory.
  • Will Daws - Leader of The Artisans. Will was a mechanical engineer pre-Crash and has been pivotal in much of the advances of the enclave.
  • Tammy Townsend: Tammy was the primary real estate agent selling lots in the Enclave pre-crash. She has a comprehensive knowledge of the buildings and resources available in the Enclave.
  • Jack Neville - Previous owner of the hot air balloon, landed shortly after the enclave was founded to pick up supplies. Has never really forgiven Hubble for having his balloon taken from him, but now runs a small goods & wares store.

Places of Interest[edit]

  • The Astronomers’ Observatory - offlimits but to those select secluded few.
  • The Workshop - expanded operations of The Artisans. This is where the magic of production happens. Machines operate throughout the day, scrap metal, wood, wire, and electronics abound.
  • The Reck - a multi-level building located near the bottom of the mountain. Here is where folks blow off steam playing ping pong, pool, and exercising.
  • Collar’s incomplete mcmansion-church - accepting any and all that would listen to the good word in these dark times.
  • The Grove - Moonchild’s van-home and garden in a little area near the fence.