Red Rain—Pete Hall

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Pete Hall.jpg

Name: Pete Hall

Look: Male, White, Uniform Clothing

Demeanour: Crass

Starting Character Stats: (Added +1 to Mind)

Blood -1, Heart 1, Mind 2, Spirit 0


Who Are You? Fuck, you don't know me? I'm Pete Hall, son. You oughta fuckin' know me. Don't you respect a veteran?

How Long Have You Been In The City? Sixty years, son, with no breaks. I was born here, and fuck if I'm not gonna die here. Last time I spoke to her, my wife asked me if I'd ever even been outside Seattle. Why the fuck would I want to do that?

What Was Your Greatest Accomplishment In The City? Battle of Seattle, son. Nah, that wasn't me, but who saw the writing on the wall? Who knew to take advantage? Who put that greasy fuckin' New York lawyer in the ground on that same day? Who pissed on that homo vampire's ashes after he tried to take over downtown? That was me. Best day of my fuckin' life.

Why Did You Stop? Fuck you. Ten bullets, and I didn't lie down and die. I never stopped, son. I just got slowed down. I'll fix this shit. You'll see.

What Do You Desperately Need? Fuck you! I don't need anything! This city needs me! It needs me to fix it! It needs me to get things back to the way they used to be! People need to remember why they were fuckin' scared of humanity, why they were scared of me! What do I need? Fuck you. I need some fuckin' respect is what I fuckin' need.


A Warehouse Hideout

The front entrance leads to Pete's office. The rest of it is his workspace and home, protected with all the paranoia of an old man waiting for his enemies to try to finish the job they started fifteen years ago.

An old pick-up truck

Used to be that people would run and hide when they saw the War Wagon rolling out, mostly because it would have half-a-dozen armed maniacs in the back of it. Now? Well, like its' owner, it doesn't go like it used to.

A smartphone

Pete may be a traditionalist, but while his values may be old-fashioned, his grasp of technology is up-to-the-minute. Half of the '99 assassinations were coordinated by cellphone, and if he'd been able to get weather, news and traffic updates all at the same time, there's a few other people who'd have breathed their last that day.

A Workspace

In the back of Pete's warehouse is his workspace. It's a confusing mess of boxes, shelves and random crap that he keeps lying around the place. It's also really, really dangerous. It contains transmitters and receivers that he uses to make the surveillance equipment that forms the mainstay of his business. It contains a regulated growing environment with a staggering quantity of weed in it, that he uses to dull the pain and prop up his personal finances. It also contains deadly booby traps. He would have installed a surveillance system of his own, but why bother, if anyone who tries to break in just dies?

A pump-action shotgun

3-harm, close, loud, reload, messy


Ashja relies on Pete for training or knowledge. They owe you two debts.

Pete is working on some surveillance equipment for FNU, and it's nearly ready. They owe you a debt.

Malachi keeps pulling Pete's ass out of the fire. You owe them two debts.

Pete thinks he's protecting Sam, but it’s really more like Sam's protecting him. You owe each other a Debt.

Malachi has had a dire prophecy about Pete, but doesn't know how to help him... yet. Malachi owes Pete a Debt.


Old Friends, Old Favours

When you first encounter an NPC, you may declare them an old friend instead of Putting a Face to a Name and roll with Mind. On a hit, they offer you comfort and aid, even if it exposes them to danger or retribution. On a 7-9, tell the MC why you owe them a Debt. On a miss, tell the MC why they want you dead.

The Best Laid Plans

When you work out a plan with someone, roll with Mind. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. You can spend your hold 1-for-1, regardless of distance, while the plan is being carried out to:

-Add +1 to someone’s roll (choose after rolling)

-Dismiss all harm someone suffers from a single attack

-Ensure your people have the exact gear they need on hand

On a miss, hold 1, but your plan falls apart at the worst possible moment.

Gun to a Knife Fight

When you Unleash on someone by seriously escalating the conflict, roll with Mind instead of Blood.

Corruption Move

When you knowingly head straight into danger, mark corruption.

Intimacy Move

When you share a moment of intimacy—physical or emotional—with another person, tell them a story about the past and the lessons you learned. Choose 1:

-You both take +1 forward

-You take +1 forward and they take -1 forward

-Hold 1. Spend the hold to Lend a Hand to that character from any distance

End Move

When you die or retire your character, choose a character to inherit your Workspace and True Artist.