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Samuel Goodman, Bonmas filius Julius Ex Mercere, part of Nova Astrum in L'Orphelin Saga


Sam Goodman arrived in the New World with the tide of the storm that left him orphaned. His parents had set sail from Plymouth with their two sons to make a life in the New World.

A six year old washed up in Boston harbour has little hope, but he managed to make his way, stealing and moving from one gang to another. He lasted until the age fourteen before being caught by anyone significant. It was Cerasus filius Vilicus Ex Bonisagus who stopped the marshal from having his hand.

Sam lasted half a season as Cerasus’ apprentice, before the magus realised that the young man had neither the attention span nor sufficient Gift to become a true magus. He was thus handed over to the care of Julius filius Goliard Ex Mercere, an ungifted redcap. His new master put his skills to good use, training him as a redcap, carrying the Order’s messages across the new world.

Having made his way in life for so long, he had his own ideas. While travelling from covenant to covenant he has set himself up with a small business. He learns from the various magi their needs with respect to vis and what they have in excess. Making trades between disparate magi, earns him his cut. Currently he makes a profit of roughly four pawns per year. He has recently traded most of what he had saved up with a Verditius magus from the deep south for an enchanted bandana.

His carefree nature is gradually getting him into trouble however. His philandering nature is leaving a wake of problems. The number of girls in many ports is growing. Several times a disgruntled husband has rightfully accused him of inappropriate behaviour with his wife. It can only be a matter of time before he returns to a covenant or township to be presented with a bastard.


Year Born 1704
Current Season Winter 1734
Apparent Age 30


Perception+2(Spotting Opportunities)
Strength-2(Small Framed)
Stamina-1(Small Framed)
Dexterity+1(Quick fingered)
Quickness+2(Quick footed)




Artes Liberales2
French (Trading)2
Athletics (Climb)3
Awareness (Small details)1
Brawl (Dodge)1
Charm (Ladies)4
Folk Ken (Ladies)3
Stealth (Be innocuous)2
New World Lore (Covenants)2
New England Lore (Boston)2
Bargain (Vis)4
Carouse (Gambling)3
Etiquette (Ladies)1
Animal Handling (Horse)1
Chirurgy (Binding wounds)1
Legerdemain (Picking Pockets)3
Ride (Speed)1
Code of Hermes (Trading)1
Single Weapon (Dagger)1
Black Powder (Pistol)3
Magic Sensitivity (Vis)3

Virtues and Flaws[edit]

  • Redcap
  • Well travelled
  • Skinchanger (monkey bandana)
  • Personal vis source (trading with mages)
  • Magic sensitivity
  • Overconfident
  • Philanderer
  • Carefree

Equipment of Note[edit]


Red bandana which when worn with the plain side on the inside and the embroidered runes to the outside It is also enchanted with Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm15, unlimited), which is activated by folding it in a certain way. The disguised image always includes a red hat.

Weighing chain[edit]

A gold chain with a silver sphere at one end. It is enchanted with the Scales of Magical Weight (InVi5, unlimited) and Sense the Nature of Vis (InVi5, unlimited). When vis is hung from one end of the chain the holder knows how many pawns it contains (balanced against the single pawn in the silver sphere). The sphere reflects the vis tainted with a colour that indicates the type of vis.