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Sebastián Alejandro Santos-Murillo aka Redo[edit]


17 year-old Latino with mocking eyes, garish clothing (fancy sports sweats and gold chain)

In costume, he projects an illusion of himself as a young, Michael B. Jordan-looking African-American kid: tall, lean, muscular, with a stylized afro, and Murillo's signature name-brand sports sweats and sneakers. He also sports a pliable white cloth head-covering that fully covers his face, but which he can see through.

In the field, he hides his position under all manner of illusory disguises.

Power Classification[edit]


  • Teleportation: Redo can teleport items in motion that he can see, including kinetic and energy attacks. Teleported items retain the velocity and force they possessed prior to the teleport.
  • Illusion: Redo has demonstrated the ability to create visual and auditory illusions of things he has spent time drawing, which he generally uses to distract, confuse, or trick his enemies, but he has been known on occasion to use those powers to shape a conflict zone. In action, Redo uses illusion to disguise himself, looking like bystanders or otherwise blending in to the environment.


Danger -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Freak -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Savior -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Superior -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3
Mundane -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3



Potential: x x o o o



Are you watching closely?
When I mislead, distract, or trick someone, roll + Superior. On a hit, they are fooled, at least for a moment.
On a 10+, choose three. On a 7-9, choose two:

  • I get an opportunity
  • I expose a weakness or flaw
  • I confuse them for some time
  • I avoid further entanglement

On a miss, I'm hopelessly embroiled in it and under pressure; mark a condition.

Mary Contrary
When someone tries to pierce my mask, comfort or support me, or provoke me, I can interfere. Roll + Superior.
On a hit, they take a -2 on their roll. On a 10+, I also take Influence over them or clear a condition.
On a miss, they get a 10+ no matter what they rolled and I mark a condition of their choice.

Team? What team?
When I use Team selfishly, clear a condition or mark potential. The first time in a session that I use Team to help a teammate, take +1 forward.

Team Moves[edit]

When I share a triumphant celebration with someone, ask them if they think I'm cool. If they say yes, give them Influence and take Influence over them. If they say no, mark a condition or spurn them immediately. If they’re a teammate, then either way, add a Team to the pool.

When I share a vulnerability or weakness with someone, give them Influence over me, and ask them who they’d like me to be. Mark potential if I show them that person. If they’re a teammate, add a Team to the pool no matter what.


Sebastián Alejandro Santos-Murillo has had two trigger events. The first was when he was eleven, when he used his teleportation powers to redirect the gunmen's attack on his older brother back onto them. The second was a week later, when his brother died after Sebastián was placed into an orphanage. That's when his illusion powers became manifest.

Initially, his teleportation powers were undeveloped, only coming into play unconsciously to aid his dodging of the projectile attacks of his bullies. It was subtle enough that neither he nor his tormentors really noticed; they all just thought he was exceptionally adept at dodging, and so his bullies resorted more to close-in punishment using hands and feet.

It was his illusion powers that first saw use. It started with him conjuring an illusion of his brother, Rafael Facundo, then expanded to other confidantes and objects brought forward from his imagination to comfort him. These figments went undiscovered for almost year. Soon after that, he used them to generate sufficient mental instability in that observer to get them committed and then used an illusion of physical abuse on himself to get transferred to another foster home, thus evading detection.

At thirteen, Sebastián had graduated to petty robbery from small stores, using illusions to hide his theft of items and money. Not long after turning fourteen, he came to the attention of Periwinkle, a local Thinker/Master with grandiose plans of becoming a crime boss. Under her, he took the moniker Anywhere, and in sensitivity to his age she used him primarily for defensive purposes, employing his powers of illusion to protect herself in her headquarters and when meeting with rivals and uneasy allies. It was with her that he developed an affinity for disguising himself as other people. Nobody but Periwinkle knew that the lieutenant that unnerved everyone because he could apparently be anywhere was a very young teenage boy.

Periwinkle had plans to groom Anywhere to infiltrate the Wards program and potentially the Protectorate. Murillo had different plans, and through Detective Sanchez helped some capes take down Periwinkle, who is still alive and is imprisoned. As a bid for turning over a new leaf, Murillo became Redo and petitioned for a spot on the team Rebranding himself, he focused on teleportation as his primary power.

Now seventeen, over the course of his year on the heroes team he has started to reveal his illusion powers, claiming them to be an underdeveloped skill that has recently grown in strength. His ambition is to work for the Protectorate, though no longer as the double agent of a villain, but instead sincerely. Crime just isn't as interesting as being a heroic cape, and he's seen what happens in villain circles. He still has a tendency to eye banks and high-end stores through the opportunistic lens of a criminal, but he's only succumbed to those baser instincts twice since joining the hero group, and never in any manner that could be associated with his Redo persona.

Redo maintains a fake African-American persona as his main persona, as Periwinkle and perhaps some of her lieutenants know what Sebastián Murillo looks like, and the jig would be up if he was seen running around as Redo. Around the clubhouse, he can be seen as either the fake persona or his real self, and he goes to school as his real self. Everyone on the team is aware of all of this.

Seeking to be a professional cape, in addition to honing his ability with his powers, Sebastián has taken up the study of boxing and parkour.


How did you get your powers?

My father was a low-level lieutenant for a drug cartel, and always used to take things out on my older brother, who deflected papa's anger onto himself, protecting me. I'd start drawing as soon as dad came home and started yelling and throwing things, and my brother would push me into the closet with my pad and pencils when it got bad. I'd draw to drown out papa beating him.

When guys from papa's cartel came to our house and shot him, I redirected their bullets when they started shooting my brother. They died. So did my brother, later that week in the hospital. They tried putting me in foster homes, but those people are idiots and didn't know who they were dealing with. Social workers aren't much better, but they got me into a program, and now I'm here.

What do you do for fun?

Draw. Paint. Well, and play illusion pranks on people. I like casing places, too, figuring out how I'd crack 'em, but I don't usually do anything about it.

Who, outside the team, thinks better of you than you do?

There's a detective, Bernito Sanchez, who's looked out for me. He used to bust my dad, and was the guy who got my brother to the hospital. I've helped him out a few times.

Why do you try to be a hero?

Crime's a lot more mentally challenging, but the people doing it are all assholes and nobody has your back. Being a hero is easier, and as long as it's working out, why not?

Murillo wants legitimacy and purpose, and the sense of self-worth that comes from those. He's been hiding himself all his life, and being a hero is an avenue to getting free of that.

Why do you care about the team?

They're contractually required to have my back.

Ironically, they may be the only people who can accept Murillo for who he truly is, and on some level he senses this. They might be the family he's never had.


Character Questions[edit]

What's something (or someone) from Sebastian's criminal past that's still around, and still means something to him?

The two things Sebastián cherishes the most from his time with Periwinkle is the anonymity he had and the sense of purpose his work gave him. The anonymity is slipping away from him as he tries to be a heroic cape, though the sense of purpose is expanding. He realizes the loss of anonymity is inevitable and that there's really no avoiding it, but it makes him very uncomfortable. And he's unnerved by the growing intimacy that is occurring with his teammates; on one hand, it's nice to have some camaraderie. On the other, he doesn't trust it and his experience is that if he ever gets close to someone, that closeness is going to be ripped away. It's unnerving. But the shared sense of purpose is exhilarating.

The person he's closest to who is still around is Detective Bernito Sanchez, who's been there from the very beginning. It would devastate Sebastián if Sanchez turned away from him or stopped believing in him. (Per the playbook, this might be the one person who thinks better of Sebastián than the kid thinks of himself).

Past Events[edit]

PR prank with Lenore[edit]

What if we did a PR thing illusion-disguised as two villains? The (technically) illegal bit is that we impersonated two people without their consent, and they could sue us for libel or slander or something because we misrepresented them. But it was totally awesome, because two minor but colorful villains did a bit in an advertising spot where they went on and on about how awesome our team was, and how they were fans, and how they were really happy that we were the ones to catch them and put them in jail, because we're so nice and cool and awesome and stuff.

For people watching, it was a bit of a "wtf?" moment, because, like, that couldn't have been the actual criminals, right? I mean they wouldn't do that, right? And it was so totally obvious that it was an advertisement for our group, but how in the world did we get those criminals to say all of that, or get that footage of them talking about us? Like, what the hell? How did we do that?