Reign of Drapetes: Null Hypotheses

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This is a page of "Null Hypotheses" for the setting. These are ideas that might be accepted for the setting, but are intended to serve as something to push off from and come up with other setting ideas. Rejecting null hypotheses in favor of better ideas is fine as long as one shows the math :)

Game Premise[edit]

The point of the game is see the Fled attempt to successfully make the transition from nomadic to sedentary society, exploring their new homeland in the process. The Fled as a badly battered caterpillar, one that has had its fair share of troubles and worries, and now we are in the chyrsalis stage where they start to build a cocoon from which they will emerge as some kind of winged insect.

Longer pitch[edit]

Once, we were the Countless Tribes. All were human, but we our shapes and customs and lands contained infinite variation.

Once, we lived upon The Good and Remembered Earth. It was not free of corruption, but its essence was good and we thrived in abundance.

Then, the slavers came.

First we heard whispers in the wind, and we thought nothing of it. Then we saw the darkness shift, but we dismissed it for it could not have been. Suspicions grew when we felt the heat that made us shiver and the crushing air. And when they finally came forth, we knew terror and despair.

They were in the world, but were not of the world, and thus required us to do their work for them. They demanded praise as jealous gods, and they recived it From both the sincere and the coerced.

We toiled for generations to make The Good and Remembered Earth the World of Pits and Cells Coerced though we were, our hands nevertheless pulls the world down. Those who the Slavers could touch the most became Tethers Those who could remember the most became Traces And the rest lived as they could by the ways of their Kept Clan.

The World of Pits and Cells came more to be, the Slavers rejoiced in their increasingly embodied forms. Increasingly, we were unfit to serve, as we increasingly were not of the world we were creating. And so the Slavers began to weave and graft and assemble our replacements.

Both threat and opportunity, we put The Plan of Hope into action, And it came to be that the impossible city-pit of the Slavers rose and cumbled in icy fire as their new pets and children rebelled, thirsty for their blood and power.

And we, the Fled, escaped island cells across forgetting seas until we found Haven Veiled beyond a storm of fire, we were safe in our hidden world

But now we outgrow our home and we shall see what lies beyond the veil.