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Campaign Questions[edit]

  • What are your character's current top-three short-term goals? Be specific.
    • Secure the foothold we have established in the east and expand our area of control.
    • Begin to loosen the control the Doctor has over his actions. This may not get into full swing until after we hit Whitewall.
    • Find and collect any free-agent Abyssals in order to establish an Abyssal collective.
  • Come up with an interesting mortal NPC that you, as a player, would like to encounter. No more than a paragraph.
  • What dead relative does your character most revere? Why?
    • His father. He was the one that taught him how to fight and how to survive on his own, but also how to appreciate the warrior to his left and right
  • List 3 different things (people, objects, organizations, causes) that your character wants, hates, or cares about. Don't worry about lack of knowledge regarding the setting. Make them up if needed, and *poof* they were always there. We'll find a way to work them in, possibly with a bit of mangling.
  • List 3 things that you as a player want to show up in this game. This can be conflicts, moral questions, scenes, opponents, opportunities etc.
    • Since we started playing, I have wrestled with the question of whether or not Render would take the path of redemption or even try to look for it. So far, the Neverborn have not tried to directly interfere with his current course of action, so he sees no reason to cough up his power base. However, he has been from day one a hard-headed and driven individual, and should the Neverborn become a problem in his eyes, I can see him looking for some way to shake their yoke.
  • Describe an environment (set piece) for a fight scene you'd like to see.