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One of three daughters of a career naval officer, her family life was not the standard. Lots of moving, lots of talk of duty. Her family was a happy one, her father did not press his daughters into "boy molds". He loved them just as they were.

At 18 she was sent to university to study "without distractions". This was her parents way of getting her away from some of her friends that did not have her best interest in mind. It was boring, but she understood.

One day, as she walked between classes, she was attacked by what she thought was a mugger. Her mutant powers surfaced in the time of need and sent the man flying across the street, he ended up on the roof across the street. The man was not a mugger, but a homeless man that was asking for some food. He would recover, but the incident brought feelings of guilt and of duty to help the disenfranchised.

She took on the name Repulse, and joined the London Watch. She maintains a life of an accountant, and of her secret life as a heroine. This leaves little time for a social life, she has yet to complain.

Repulse PL 10 (150PP)

Init +3; 30ft (Run), 50ft (Flight); Defense 22/18 (8 Base, 3 Dex, 1 Dodge); BAB +8; +12 Melee (14S Punch), +11 Ranged (10S Force Blast); SV Dmg +13, Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +1; Str 18, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 14 (Total 70PP)

Skills: Mathematics 4/+6, Diplomacy 3/+5, Sense Motive 3/+5, Search 4/+6, PS: Accountant 2/+5 (Total 16PP)

Feats: Dodge, Power Attack, Improved Trip, Takedown Attack (Total 8PP)


  • Telekinesis +10 (Source: Mutation; Extras: Immovability, Flight, Force Field, Energy Blast, Explosion [No Range]; Flaw: Only to push away; Power Stunts: Strike, Energy Blast, Power Immunity) (Cost 5 / Total 50+6PP)