Reyna Melero (Dragon Age)

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Name: Reyna Melero
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Level: 2
Description: A stout, well muscled woman with a short mop of curly black hair. She's deeply tanned and, currently, sports bags under her eyes and a tired grimace. Her possessions, including her armor and clothing, are well cared for and, perhaps, betray the slightest bit of vanity. Though her calloused hands might indicate she's earned a little pride. She's certainly worked for everything she has. She has tattoos, though the most visible ones are two eyes on the backs of her hands. She speaks with a slight Antivan accent.
2 2 1 4 1 2 2 1
Health: 42
Defense: 15
Speed: 12


Warrior Talent: Weapon and Shield (Novice), Armor Training (Novice), Thrown Weapons Style (Novice)
Weapon Groups: Brawling, Light Blades, Spears, Heavy Blades
Languages: Trade Tongue (Speak/Read), Antivan (Speak/Read)
Focuses: Dexterity (Acrobatics), Strength (Intimidation), Dex (Lock Picking), Strength (Climbing)


A backpack, traveler's garb, a waterskin, heavy leather armor (Armor Rating 4), medium shield, spear, throwing spear x2, long sword, Bedroll, Lantern, Rope (20ft) and spike x5, Hatchet, Belt pouch, Rations (2wks), Utensils, Candle x2, Chalk, Whetstone, Wine skin (with cheap wine), loose paper (10 sheets), pencil x3, Bowl (wooden), Mug (metal), Flint and steel, Tin plate, Cloak, Hat, Spare clothes (shirtx2/breeches/underclothesx3/belt)

Money: 13 sp 23 cp


Waking Sea Raider: Reyna's parents were both sailors and it seems she was destined for a life on the sea. She joined a crew as soon as one would take her, working in the galley of a merchant ship when she was 12. Since then, she's become a competent and trusted crew member of various vessels. Currently she's under Captain Octavia Lamb on Rambling Rabbit (ooc-I know there's specifics on when to and not to use 'the in front of ship names. Sorry if I mess it up). More currently, she finds herself inland, in Fereldan, running an errand for her captain.