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A character in the Project Narnia PBP TMNT game.

Fox Technician/Scientist[edit]

Named after the legendary figure of European history, Reynard fortunately collected both his talents with machinery and computing from the cryogenics engineer. Raised in a UN facility in France, the scientists attempted to imbue Reynard with a sense of culture as well as capability.

IQ: (18+2) 20 Mental Affinity: 16 Mental Endurance: (13+8) 21 Physical Endurance: (11 +1 Running) 12 Physical Prowess: 13 Physical Strength: (9+2) 11 Physical Beauty: 13 Speed: (16+3+3 Running) 22

SDC: 39

Stable Matrix (+10)

Size: 8 Hands: Full Biped: Full Speech:Full Looks: Partial

Advanced Hearing (5) 1d6 teeth (5)


-Aircraft Mechanics (50 +3L%) -Automotive Mechanics (55 +3L%) -Basic Mechanics (45 +4L%) -Electrical Engineer (50 +5L%) -Locksmith (30 +5L%) -Mechanical Engineer (50 +5L%) -Nautical Mechanics (55 +3L%)


-Astrophysics and Nuclear Science (35 +5L%) -Chemistry (50 +5L%) -Demolitions (65 +3L%)


-Advanced Mathematics (69 +4L%) -Basic Electronics (45 +5L%) -Computer Operation (65 + 5L%) -Computer Programming (45 +5L%) -Computer Repair (45 + 5L%) -Surveillance Systems (45 +5L%)

Secondary Skills: - Alertness (40 +5L%) - Detect Ambushes (45 +5L%) - Hand-to-Hand: Basic - Pilot Automobile (60 +4L%) - Prowl (46 +8L%) - Running* - Scrounging (40 +5L%) - Sing (40 +5L%) - Swimming (50 +8L%) - Weapon Proficiency: Revolvers and Pistols


Actions per round: 2 Dodge: +3 Parry: +0 Roll with Punch: +2 Base Strike: +0 Melee Damage: +0

Weapon Proficiencies:

+1 strike/damage with revolvers and pistols

+7% bonus to all percentage based skills. 45% chance to charm/intimidate +3 bonus to save vs. psionics. +3 bonus to dodge.

- The Moreau Facility was the UN sister project to Narnia, borrowing alot of their technology to enhance the European species and enable different strains of Aesopean creatures. Hidden beneath a vinyard in the Languedoc area of France, Reynard used to love playing hide and seek in the fields. The rest of his time was spent in the laboratories beneath, studying hard and occasionally playing practical jokes using the internal computer system. After the third time he triggered the sprinklers, they decided to remove his outdoor priveledges for a while which taught him a lesson.

- Reynald was somewhat of a pet project by the chief scientist, Anna Delacrois who would play him opera and taught him to read not just for training but also for pleasure. Whilst not originally his trainer, it was decided that she would be best due to her relationship with the Aesopian. She opened his eyes to the finer points of human culture and for that he has always been grateful, harboring something of a crush on her.

- He enjoyed a brief relationship with a member of the Alpha Team, Tails, a field mouse and medic. It lasted a few months before she broke it off, citing that her duties had to come first. They remained in contact and Reynard hopes that one day, once their 'tour of duty' is over, she would share his interest in giving things another shot.

- His locker contains various dogeared novels, mostly classics such as HG Wells, and a collection of classical music tapes. A picture of him as a cub in the lap of Dr Delacrois is tucked in the front cover of 'The Time Machine'. Several well-read letters from Tails are also neatly tucked at the back.