Rick Fawcett (ESWAT)

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You see this Drone Cop is a bad mother- (Shut your mouth!)
But I'm talking about Drone Cop! (Then we can dig it)
He's a complicated man but no one understands him but his robot...
-"Drone Cop (Reprise)", eSwat Soundtrack


High Concept: Gun-Shy Drone Cop

Trouble: Seen Too Much

Phase 1: Technology Is Easy, People Are Hard

Phase 2:

Phase 3:


+4: Drive

+3: Notice, Stealth

+2: Athletics, Burglary, Shoot

+1: Crafts (Robotics), Fight, Investigate, Scholarship


Combat Controller: You can operate more than one system. Gain +2 to Create an Advantage or Attack when doing so.

Surveillance Expert: You may gain +2 to Technology when using surveillance systems. Spend an extra Fate point to Create an Advantage such as Bugged Room.

Wired for Combat: Neural overrides block the stress and pain responses, allowing you to ignore mild and moderate mental and physical consequences for a scene; they still show up at the end of the scene, with an additional cost. (From "Hard Boiled" in the SRD).


Not too many poor kids from Detroit made the cut for the Army's elite combat robotics course, but Ricky did. He spent the next five years chasing drug lords and insurgents up and down hills, through jungles and slums and villages full of scared civilians. After his enlistment ended, he discovered that the only employer hiring people with his skills in Detroit, near his family, is the police force, who've been getting civilianized combat technology for a while. And then he realized that it's all the same war, whether you're in Tegucigalpa or on Eight Mile Road.


Refresh: 4

Mental Stress (3): O O O

Physical Stress (3): O O O

Consequences - none

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