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Garen Bauer[edit]

With his suit on
Without it (no, those are not breasts)

Age: 18

Stress: 0/10


• Ruin a social gathering.

• Hide yourself away somewhere.

• Steal something.

• Stockpile something useless.

• Run away to somewhere unsafe.

• Find the high ground and stay there.

Stats (Recluse):

Hard: -2

Keen: +3

Calm: +4

Daring: -2

Familiar Vices:

  • Wandering
  • Watching films


People: Genetically Stader, but if he ever showed up without his mask, people would assume he's a Wildling, due to his rat ears, tail, and nose (including whiskers!). And to be frank, that was part of the curse-price; because he is no longer apparently part of the ethnicity the Goths are, he is no longer safe in Gotha. Hell, his fae-touched traits mean he's earmarked for eventual extermination. He's made his peace with it, but gets annoyed when people act like he has any idea what Wildleute culture is like ("Even if I was actually one, do you think I'd have time to learn, living in the middle of a ruin?"), or is a technophobe ("Ah, nein. I was able to jury-rig a plane to get me out of there. Science and engineering saved my ass").


Mask: It's fairly easy to tell the rubberized chemical suit he wears was originally Gothic in design, with most of the signifiers of allegiance to them systematically stripped off. His gas mask is still built into the distinct Pickelhaube helmet a lot of them have, though, and he's attached to the spike as the one bit of the Gothic culture he hasn't soured on (and it makes a nice place to hang his wrench when he needs to stick his head somewhere tight), and he still keeps his suit white and hung with trinkets, including the socket wrench emblazoned with the Spade of Sigvird he received upon the display of his ability to strip and restore a captured plane for the glory of Gotha - to him, it's now a symbol of the skills he was able to use in order to scram and leave that hell behind him.


I was taught to fly by a parent, so I could have a chance, and through old instructional films ("It wasn't quite altruism; I was small, weak, and unrelated to the Officer Corps, but by showing I could fly and fix planes, I had a future in the Armada as more than a grunt troop or menial; that way, I could support my father, who was getting too old. I am still thankful, though, and I would have done the same, especially if my aide was someone I loved").

I left my home because I was too scared ("I would have happily gone back to repurposing planes for the glory of the Emperor were it not for the fact I gave that up as part of my deal with the Fae; now, I'm the person the Goths would throw in a work camp at best. Outside of Gothic influence, I think the Fae were showing me mercy when they didn't alert my commander to my transformation and let me refasten the mask on, but it wasn't a plan - it was "I need to get out now'").

I fly so I can help others feel safe and to do more than survive ("It's really a continuance of what I did that got me these ears; I don't see any reason to stop now, especially since I get actual pay out of the deal").

What was the nature of the gas that clung to your city? How was it a complex threat?:

"Does a metaphor for how completely it's under Goth control and the constant paranoia count? There is a literal gas, but my city got lucky; the gas it has is what my father called a 'super fertilizer'; it'll still kill you, but incidentally in the process of causing every single bit of flora and fungi to sprout spontaneously, even in the lungs. Which is to say, the surrounding area and the places where the gas subsides are very lush, and often peaceful; when I had a chance, I would mutant-watch with my crew, just, enjoying the buzzing. The thing is, it's also ideal for Gothic farmland, and the plants are very good resources for replacement parts to planes and airships, so it's also a base; there is nothing there that isn't in some way dedicated to fueling the Army that isn't the Fae or the areas that haven't been claimed yet. Hell, even they serve a purpose; nightmares of exile to their mercy."

What did you eat? Where did you sleep? What resource was always scarce?

"Rations made from the non-toxic plants of the city-forest and the local mutant beasts, and in a barracks with the other parts of the engineering crew. There was a distinct lack of water though, generally; any water source exposed to the fertilizer becomes a swamp covered in toxic algae, so the water we had was filtered from the dew of the fruits or otherwise made from the still. That took time, and Command knew it; water was always a gift, never something you could ask for."

Who safeguarded you in your younger days?

"My father, and the engineering crew I was quickly shuffled into once it was shown I had a natural talent for it. The two who didn't die, weren't left behind and/or left yet are now my co-workers."



  • My gas mask.
  • Two other survivors that stick by me.
  • The location of valuable salvage.


  • A little jump every time I'm addressed.
  • A long routine of checking the gas seals.
  • An inability to meet anyone's eyes.
  • The fact my relatives are still in Gotha territory, and Command may find out about my defection.

Plane: Loeb & Loeb Kessel IIb (used) (the Mouser)


Masked: While I am wearing my mask, I am at Disadvantage to Get Real or Press the Issue. When I reveal a detail about the person under the mask, take 1 Stress. At 6 details, I will reveal my mask in front of a comrade, and trade this move for Comfort Object. The mask will not wear out; I'm used to it, and it's extremely well-made.

Make Do: I personally cost 0 Upkeep ("I did tell you about being a member of the reclamation crew, yes? I was trained to repair planes using still-wet flora and fungi, and often to replace bits of fuselage entirely and still make it work. With actual tools and resources? I barely need to start pushing a full thaler for routine repairs, especially with the parts I used to rebuild the Mouser.")

Scavenger: When I search a ruin or downed plane, I name what I hope to find and roll +Keen. On a 16+, it’s there. On an 11-15, I find something that might work for the same purpose, with some effort. ("I was an engineer before the actual advance crew - the planes came to me, I didn't go to them - but I still learned it when looking for needed parts with the actual advance crew.")

Cool Off: When I find a place to hide and cool off, take -2 Keen and +2 to all other stats. This lasts until I miss a roll. ("It's not calming myself down, quite. It's that every male in Gotha is expected to be able to fight, so I learned how to meditate and focus myself. It does great things when I need to really focus, too."

Together (Intimacy): Since I still have Masked, I can't actually be intimate yet. ("First of all, how? Second of all, why would I want to? I'm fine. I got out here by tearing myself away from everything I knew, and I am never being bound to anyone, Commander or otherwise, ever again. I don't need to." Internally: Please go away. Nobody that isn't internal security or the secret police gets curious about the crew. I'm scared...)



Take Aim: When I Draw a Bead, the Open Fire +Calm result can be taken for free, in addition to other results I qualify for.