Road's End

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Road's End[edit]

Like many places far from the cities, Road's End in the Appalachians lies close to the domains of the Fey. Some call it mere superstition and say that "there's no such thing as fairies".

The people of Road's End know better.

Player Characters[edit]

Rose Calderson - the Spooky
Eddie Castel - the Expert
Bayley Williamson - the Professional
Joseph Wyndham-Castel - the Monstrous
Ashley "Ash" Rosewood - the Chosen

Important GMCs[edit]

Borchers: Bayley's supervisor
Jill Richards: Younger sister of Eddie's childhood friend Charlie
Mama: The proprietor of Mama's Diner
Ronny: A down-on-his-luck young man
Thunderbolt: Ronny's dog