Roaming Wolf

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Public Knowledge[edit]

Roaming Wolf and his immediate family are full blooded Blackfoot Native Americans of the Piegan Nation, many of whom still live on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation located in northern Montana. At the age of seventeen Roaming Wolf chose to live outside of the tribe and make a living in the lands of the white man where he supported himself by working odd jobs primarily as a handyman or mechanic (using the alias Jack Collins). As time went on his Rakepaw powers began to manifest themselves, and he gradually started down the path to becoming a superhero.

Private Knowledge[edit]

Roaming Wolf (whose birth name was Watching Wolf) Rakepaw was unaware of super powers within his bloodline for much of his life. Having grown up on the reservation, such things generally weren?t spoken of. The reason he chose to leave the reservation was due to feelings of wanderlust. Although no longer living with his people on the reservation, he allocates half of all his earnings to the tribe, and he always returns there once a season. It was during one such return trip home that his powers revealed themselves to him more fully. With the help of the tribe?s head chief, Roaming Wolf communed with his ancestors. They revealed to him the secret of the Rakepaw bloodline as well as how he could control his new powers.


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