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A character in the Morgansfort campaign.

  • Halfling
  • Thief 2
  • XP: 1850/2500


  • STR 6 (-1 penalty)
  • INT 11 (no bonus)
  • WIS 6 (-1 penalty)
  • DEX 13 (+1 bonus)
  • CON 5 (-2 penalty)
  • CHA 9 (no bonus)


  • Common, Halfling

Racial Abilities

  • +1 attack bonus on ranged weapons
  • +2 bonus to AC when attacked in melee by creatures larger than man-sized
  • +1 to initiative die rolls
  • Hide (10% chance to be detected outdoors, 30% chance to be detected indoors)

Save Bonuses

  • +4 vs. Death Ray or Poison
  • +4 vs. Magic Wands
  • +4 vs. Paralysis or Petrify
  • +3 vs. Dragon Breath
  • +4 vs. Spells

Class Abilities

  • Sneak Attack
    • +4 attack bonus and does double damage if it is successful. The attack must be a surprise (may require a Move Silently and / or Hide roll).
    • Can't be performed on the same opponent more than once in any given combat.
    • Can also be performed bare-handed and with the "flat of the blade" (+0 attack bonus and does normal damage). In both cases subduing damage is done.
  • Thieves' Abilities at Second Level:
    • Open Locks 30%
    • Climb Walls 81%
    • Remove Traps 25%
    • Hide++ 10% ( ++ Halflings should use the special halfling ability to hide instead, which gives them only a 10% chance of being detected in forested terrain and 30% anywhere else.)
    • Pick Pockets 35%
    • Listen 34%
    • Move Silently 30%


  • HP: 2
  • AC: 15 (17 in melee with large creatures)
    • Move: 20
  • Saving Throws
    • Death Ray or Poison: 11 w/ halfling bonus and CON penalty
    • Magic Wands: 10 w/ halfling bonus
    • Paralysis or Petrify: 9 w/ halfling bonus
    • Dragon Breath: 12 w/ halfling bonus. [Dragon? It is to laugh]
    • Spells: 11 w/ halfling bonus
  • Equipment:
    • Armor: Leather
    • Weapons: Short sword, sling, 20 bullets
    • Gear: Thieves' tools, silk rope, grappling hook, backpack, rations, blanket, hooded lantern, 6 torches, 5 flasks of oil
    • Miscellaneous Magic:
    • Treasure: 24 gp cash

Motivation: Desperately seeking for a way to make a living and by some miracle improve on the terrible hand that nature dealt him. Romanus begins every day expecting to die; although he does not want to, he is constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop and will feel kind of relieved when it is actually over with.

Too scrawny to do a hard day's work and too foolish to stay out of trouble, Romanus has been kicked out of his village and is desperately praying for several miracles in order to see the end of the year. The life of a professional thief is hard, but harder still for someone who would lose a fair fight with a wet kitten. Perhaps the answer lies in a hopeless venture into a hole in the ground with a number of heavily-armed strangers and the certain knowledge that the first bad guy to look at him funny will see Romanus pushing up the daisies.

No-one, not even Romanus's favourite uncle, has any idea how he accumulated 120 gold pieces as a grubstake.