Rosheen Quirke

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Rosheen Quirke[edit]

Refresh: 5

Fate Points: 5

Character Picture:[edit]

Rosheen Quirke.jpg


High Concept: Intrepid Investigator

Rosheen is a fearless journalist, formerly employed by various Australian newspapers and let go taking on stories that exposed the powerful to far more scrutiny than conservative Australia was ready for. Now she freelances, selling stories to any publication who'll give column space to her investigations of imperial wrongdoing, corporate malfeasance, gang warfare and espionage. She also files an unusual amount of gossip about Hollywood and high stakes gambling. She doesn't actually like Hollywood that much, but it pays for the gambling...

Trouble: Stay Until You Win

Rosheen can't walk away from anything. She'll break laws and risk her own life and the lives of others if it gives her another piece of the puzzle. To some extent that makes her a very good journalist, but it also speaks to a more fundamental flaw in her personality- she has to see everything, try everything, do everything whether or not she needs to or if she even thinks it's a good idea. Sometimes that means bribing her way into Scotland Yard's archives to see the Ripper files, and sometimes that means staying at the card table with six month's pay in the hole because you never know, maybe the next card will give her a straight.

Aspect 3: Good Taste in Enemies

In a fairly short career, Rosheen has gained a reputation for antagonising everyone in a position of power. She's on the bad side of administrators across the British empire, powerful industrialists, fascist politicians and gang bosses. On the other hand, this means that she's respected by their victims, and actually is now in a fairly good position to play the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" card. After all, perhaps she's exposed British colonial wrongdoing- but the Colonel of the local regiment knows that she's well positioned to make use of his information about the Italian "cultural attache..."

Aspect 4: She Seems Harmless Enough

For all her accomplishments, and for all her emnities, many people don't take Rosheen entirely seriously. She's a woman in the boozy male world of journalism, a gadfly attacking the powerful but without the backing of a powerful press baron or political party. She's so obvious in her quest for the next scoop that many powerbrokers have thought she can be used or ignored- often to their cost.

Aspect 5: Live The Report

Rosheen throws herself into whatever she's reporting. She gambles in illegal casinos, has helped run guns through war zones and will generally try to keep up with the subjects of her story in whatever they do. Objectivity and Journalistic distance are not key priorities for her. Even when Rosheen doesn't have a particular gift for a physical feat, if she's seen other people do it she's pretty good at keeping up.

Aspect 6: Wherever the Story Is

It's not clear whether Rosheen is drawn to places where stories are, or if Rosheen has a knack for causing stories to turn up. But there is never such a thing as a slow news day for her- she is always in the thick of it.

Aspect 7: Chance Is A Funny Thing

By temperament, hobby and in professional approach, Rosheen is a gambler. She has a fine sense of the odds, and a devout belief in her own luck- good and bad. Once things start going in one direction for her, she tends to find they continue that way.


Superb (+5) Lore

Great (+4) Investigate

Good (+3) Contacts, Notice

Fair (+2) Empathy, Rapport, Will

Average (+1) Athletics, Fight, Deceit, Physique


Physical O O O

Mental O O O


Mild [2]: _________________________

Moderate [4]: _________________________

Severe [6]: _______________________


Linguist (Lore)- Rosheen speaks five additional languages to the ones she's entitled to with academics.

Ink In The Blood (Lore) Rosheen uses the Lore skill for Journalism- to quote Glyptodont, "A plus on Advantages made via Journalism (as broadly defined)"

Gambling Gal (Rapport)- Compels involving gambling automatically start at the two fate point level.

International (Rapport)- Rosheen never suffers penalties or increased difficulty for being unfamiliar with a setting.

The Power of Deduction [Investigate] Once per scene you can spend a fate point (and a few minutes of observation) to make a special Investigate roll representing your potent deductive faculties. For each shift you make on this roll you discover or create an aspect, on either the scene or the target of your observations, though you may only invoke one of them for free.

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