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Akgleax of Earth[edit]

Member of the Shlvx Cabal

Akgleax of Music.jpg

Description: 5', 100 lbs. Wild blue hair, oval face


  • 2nd College Bardic School-School of Wall, Tosa.
  • Hierarchy of Earth
  • Hierarchy of Life
  • Member of the Shlvx Cabal


Total:193 = 24 Stats+ 65 Powers+30 Skill+4 Shadow + 40 Items (+0/0 allies/Enemies) +3 Stuff+27 Storage

Life Path{130}[edit]

  • 10 pips: Earth Elemental
  • 80 pips: Spasa of Earth, Water, Blending, Change, Song, Music, and Paper.
  • 20 pips: Avasa of Earth
  • 20 pips: Al Asgo Illuminar Gifted by Nur al din

Aspires to Avasa of Music, Water, Blending, and Knowledge.

Aspires to Masoja of Earth, Knowledge or Binding


  • Psyche: 9
  • Strength: Amber
  • Endurance: 15
  • Warfare: Amber

Powers {65}[edit]

  • 5 pips Green Abyssal Mark. Channel through Ashley staff.
  • 10 pips: Edge mark Merchants sigil.
  • 15: Sorcery
  • 15 pips in various Low Order magic including Druidic.
  • 20 Conjuration.

Skills {30}[edit]

  • 3 woodwork
  • 2 Glass work
  • 2 silver work, Mithril crafting
  • 3 Stringed Instruments
  • 2 musical composition
  • 3 Thievish skills
  • 1 Bardic Training

Allies & Enemies{}[edit]


  • 2 ally: Shlvx of Music, Avasa of Music. Shlvx Cabal


  • 2 enemies:


  • Alexandra Mira
  • Lelgasas: Pseudo-Dragon.

Items {40}[edit]

  • 10 Green Mark Channeling Staff. Channel sorcery and conjuration.
  • 18 pip Harp.
  • Various fine musical item for sale
  • Sabre. Mithril and Shakes Wood. Handle wrapped in dragon skin.
    • Bound Avasa of Conflict. Nylipo, Avasa of Conflict and Guard (Terms: trade musical training and a fine harp. 10 trips out of Chaos and the Dufirtrusa)
  • Cooking & Fighting knife
    • Bound Spasa of Growth & Combat. Bastasag, Spasa of Growth & Combat

(Terms:Trade cooking training for musical training. A A fine harp. 20trips out of Chaos and the Dufirtrusa)


Personal shadow -shared with 5 others. A fast time world with musical item construction spaces.


  • Traveling companion of Alexandra Mira. A craftsman of musical items. Achieved Spasa of Paper and Music after writing of her encounters of Alexandra & Duncan of Amber.

Jeweled Amber[edit]