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Alvah1.jpg Active since June 20, 2021

Father: Delwin aka Sir Kendel Chambers. Knight of the British Empire.

Mother: Cihalas




Physical description:
120 lbs
She is of a small stature but she can hold herself in such a way height does not seem an issue.
What she may lack in strenght she makes up in viciousness. She is agile, wily and she is not hesitant to fight dirty.
Notable features are her eyes.
One has a very light blue color and one a darker brown.
Her skintone is clearly a mix. She is more on the tan side.
Her hair is long black with a warm undertone. She usually wears it in braids or otherwise tied up. Only on special occassions she lets her hair loose.

From her youth she is a bit confused when it comes to what she feels and what she wants.
She always wanted what other kids wanted, but her sudden surges of anger or other high emotions made it difficult.
Alvah never had the capability to sit still for long, if she had to little to do she would get restless, when restless she would become impulsive to borderline dangerous behaviour.
She needs constant stimulus.

When Alvah was put on dancing and martial arts there came more control over her behavior 

From a young age Alvah had an issue with kleptomania, when under-stimulated or when hitting a stronger emotion she tends to steal usually small unimportant objects.


  • Plays Jews Harp


Lady of Amber Knight of Rasak. Rank Warrior of Ang Ri WC&LGA


Dresden Files world.

Alvah's Journals


Total:215=85 Stats +77(60) Powers{c} +22 Skills +23 Items +0/0 allies/Enemies+4 Shadow of Jetex +4 Good Stuff


  • 2021 Anniversary Advancement.
    • 10 Pips- Advancement: in Storage
    • 3 Pips to Endurance:Added

Awarded Sept 1 15 Of Azcala in Zictla and Untola 1 Pip for elemental juggling kids.

Thats a total of 55 with 6 pips left in storage and 2 good stuff, 8 pips, to raise stats. When she runs out of storage, the older Amberites will subtly stop considering her a "kid" in general.

Awarded 9/16 5 pips for Xotol's pattern theft and Arrival at Veksvale


  • Escape From New York-5 pips. Storage

Spent as of 9/1/2021

  • Rasak Graduate-added
  • 4 on Jetex
  • 1 Pip-Hair and Chocla-Storage. added
  • 4 Pip-Character Quiz.-Storage. added
  • 1 Brownie Story. -Storage added
  • 10 Sorcery.
  • 15 Conjuration.
  • 3 Endurance.
  • 3 Strength.
  • 2 Skill Dufiro and Abyssal Languages. Includes Parsel tounge.
  • 2 Power Ritualism.
  • 1 in Trumps.
  • 25 Shape Change to full shape change.

6/20/ advancement additions to storage 21 All spent.

  • 10 running
  • 10 player contribution-Art for others
  • 10 player contribution-Trump
  • 10 player contribution-journal
    • total-61 available pips. all spent

Statistics {85}[edit]

  • Psyche: 37
  • Strength: 5
  • Endurance: 15
  • Warfare:30

Powers {77(95)}[edit]

  • (50, 15)Pattern of Amber-25 pips towards Advanced Imprint
  • (20)Azcala Basic Imprint
  • 25(10) Shape Change
    • Human Form: Alvah Chambers
    • Chaos Form:
    • Animal Form: Large Fennec fox
  • 10 Power Words: Magic Negation, Chaos Negation, Pattern Negation, Psychic Defense, Pain attack, Shade, Light Strobe, Spark, Weaken Structure, Burst of Psyche.
  • 15 Sorcery
  • 20 Conjuration
  • 3 Low Order Magic. Dresdenverse
  • 2 Power Ritualism.
  • 1 in Trumps.
  • 1 Cantrips

Skills {22}[edit]

  • 3 Dancing
  • 2 running
  • 2 parkour (No additional gymnastics pips from Rasak)
  • 2 Dufiro and Abyssal Languages. Includes Parsel tongue.
  • 1 Motorcycle
  • 1 Horsemanship
  • 1 Rasak-Military Horsemanship
  • 2 Thief Skills (20th Warlock Thief)
  • 3 Percussion instruments- Mouthharp, drums,
  • 1 Piano
  • 1 Rasak-Military Technology
  • 1 Rasak-Military Command and Communications.
  • 1 Rasak-Medical Training
  • 1 Rasak-Cooking. Butchering. General gardening. Preparation. Cast Iron. Open Fire.
  • 2 Knife fighting, learned in AngRi complimenting her dancelike fighting style

Allies & Enemies {0/0 = 0}[edit]

  • 5 pips to allocate in allies
  • 1 pip in enemies


  • 2 Vek


  • 6 Xototl



Cicero (28)[edit]

  • 4 Amber Vitality
  • 4 Engine Speed
  • 2 Amber Stamina
  • 1 Combat Training
  • 2 Double Damage Teeth-Poison Bite
  • 2 Danger Sense
  • 2 Speak & Sing (not actually talking but understands commands, can act on its own)
  • 1 Psyche Neutral
  • 2 Shadow Path
  • 2 N/N forms Snake, tiny snake,
  • 4 Regenerate
  • 1 Ability
  • 1 Ability
  • Subtotal-28
    • Loyal, creative, slightly sinister, and possibly more.


Fire elemental

Earth elemental

Air elemental

Water elemental

Items {23}[edit]

Alvah's Blade-[edit]

Vulsar Blade.jpg

  • 4 Engine Speed 5-Transfer
  • 4 Endless Stamina 5-transfer
  • 4 combat mastery
  • 4 Invulnerable
  • 4 Deadly Damage
  • 4 Regeneration
  • 2 N/N Forms-Rapier, Bowie Knife, small knife,
  • 1 Ability-Awkward and unbalanced in the hand of others.
  • 1 Ability-Sense of location if in the same shadow.
  • 1 Ability-Call to Hand
    • total 39

Gift from Vance.

Ryba's Coat of Holding-13 pips

  • 6 Pips-Mixed Holding Spaces.
  • 1 Ability-Possessive. People tend not to notice the coat, nor take it from her unless magically compelled to. It is usually overlooked. If he is captured and the prisoners are ordered to strip he is generally allowed to keep his coat for unknown reasons.
  • 4 Limited Shapechange.
  • 1 Ability-Warmth. Comfortable Environment. Keeps him warm and can confer that warmth to 2 others.
  • 1 Appears well-maintained, as if worn and mended.

War Boots.-10 pips

  • 4 Invulnerable
  • 4 Deadly Damage Steel Toed
  • 2 N/N Forms

Van Real Glasses.[edit]


Non Magical-Mass Marketed.

  • 2 Vs Firearms-Protection from general road damage and effects against the eyes.
  • 1 ability -Multi-spectrum eye protection from incoming effects. Lasers, flash, blinding light, etc
    • 3

Corwin's Blue Harley[edit]

On Loan...

  • 2 Chaos Vitality
  • 16 Extraordinary Movement. Holds its riders to it. Creates a protective sphere against speed effects to the riders
  • 2 Amber Stamina
  • 8 Armor Ruggedly Invulnerable. Its riders seem to share a general invulnerability to the elements, general fire effect, wind dame, elements of a material nature being cast at it including rocks and bullets while the vehicle is in motion.
  • 2 Speak & Sing. Not quite sentient, more emphatic, it has intelligence enough to adapt to conditions, protect itself and its riders, even if they are inexperienced, and to behave in the manner an experienced rider would choose. Anticipates choices. For its principle companion(Gerard or Carissa) it seems to exude a sense of comfortable companionship and willingness. It may have a sense of protection for them. It has an unspoken, sub-sentience that make accept upgrading.
  • 4 Extraordinary Psyche Sens.
  • 4 Seek in Shadow Will seek its rider if separated
  • 4 Mold Reality Makes its road smoother when needed
  • 8 Item Extraordinary Regeneration. transfer 5-Any rider is treated with Extraordinary Regeneration 4 while in contact to the vehicle
  • 8 Extraordinary Shape shift. It tends to shift to whatever shape a vehicle of its type would be considered stylishly exciting. In realms without such appeal it reverts to its blue early Harley appearance. The tendency to chose a “Stylish” appearance seems to exude a degree of vanity about its own appearance. Its rider may suggest shapes and design and it will nearly always comply, but may revert to its own choice of appearance.


  • The source of the power is to be discovered but it seems to function nearly anywhere, even in Amber.

There is a sense when riding it that it is a happy and willing tool. Its almost a sense of faithfulness. There is a sense it has been other things then a motorcycle.. As if it knows what its like to be a bulldozer, or a airplane, or a pizza oven. Brief and infrequent flashes of a mechanical awareness pass to its primary companions.

Mug of Stealth[edit]


Inhabited by a Avasa of Blending (Gorshtan, in possession of tome)


Jetex-A Personal Shadow 4 pips[edit]

A world in the Azcala Sway.

  • 1 Personal Shadow-A Jet age with low order and high order magic
  • 2 time flow-30-1-9
  • 1 Contents-World developed with many ritualistic practices.
    • Magic is well known but not a major part of day to day life.
    • Ritualism in magic and non-magic is common.
    • Klieden Stone Power: Stones in contact generate electricity. Created by a magical ritual. Small stones created by a small ritual in bulk for common use as batteries. Medium rituals creates small groups for heavier uses like vehicles, homes and business.
      • World does not have gas or nuclear power but has Klieden Stone Power, Wood, steam, solar, all in common usage.
    • Athletics and performance arts are extremely common. Many levels of professional sports and athletics used fro recreation but also for conflict resolution. Gun and sword use are common but not often used for political resolutions except on a personal level where duels are common.
      • Dueling is an accepted method of conflict resolution. Unarmed combat, knife or small weapon, sword or large weapon, magical attacks, archery weapons -bows, crossbows, hand guns.
      • Dance is a major professional art. All levels.

•an earth like shadow. 10 transfer Close to the dresden verse Alvah comes from. Differences would be that there is more cultural heritage influence. The modern ways have adapted itself to the old ways more then the other way around. More superstition and ritualistic customs are a daily part of life. There are no threads of war, countries work together in the preserving of the planet and ways then fighting for more land. Countries are by now very mixed with customs and heritage but the customs that started in that country are still dominant. Moving to different countries is done withou the need of changing rituals, customs or ways. Spatchi and Alvah would move to a partnin Mexico. A place on the beach. Starting a cantina there. Seating inside and outside. A bar and space for live performance and dancing.


  • 2 Good Stuff

  • 1 Bad Stuff (lost control of her kleptomania)




Estate-North Shore Chicago [[1]]

Known Dufiro[edit]

Practically always with Alvah.
Sindri Fire elemental
Menos Earth elemental
Choros Air elemental
Mayaan Water elemental

Traxie Helped find information about Cicero, have calling name.

Lord Bandal Masoja of Guard.
Was witness to th naming of the elementals.

Hushax Masoja of Water, Growth and Guard
Companion to Xilonen. Has given her calling name.

Craggle Helped moving stone and earth on Veksvale.

Salaka Facilitator to Hendrake family, have his calling name.

Gorshtan Avasa of blending, currently in service in tankard.
Have his tome.

working topics-just ideas[edit]

Jetex Shoes[edit]

Jetex Shoes-common

  • 1 Animal Vitality-Light weight non-tiring to wearer.
  • 1 double stamina-form fitting.
  • 2 N/N forms- shifts to a number of forms as the dancer uses them till they fill out 12 different shapes
  • 1 Extra Hard-sturdy constriction., Do not wear with use.
  • 1 self healing.-Cleanliness.
    • 6pips

x3 Horde-Produced Commercially

    • 18 Total- Commercially created using a base shoe and ritual to empower them in blulk.

Special Jetex Shoes[edit]

These are a personal item.

Starts with Common Jetex Shoes.

  • 2 Chaos Vitality (1 pip off)
  • 1 double stamina
  • 4 limited shape change (2 pips off)
  • 2 double damage (1 pip off)
  • 1 self healing.-Cleanliness. (1 pip off)
  • 2 ability-call to hand-any distance.
    • 12 pips: 12-5=7 pips

x2 n/n

    • Total-14 pips

options/suggestions x3 horde-arrange to have them produced in bulk for sale. still pay the pips but get the benifit of being a commercial producer-running a company.

    • Total 21pip

Adding transfer to limited shape change would make the shoes change a wearers height. Cost 10 pips transfer, really boasts the points and probably an extravagance if produced commercially because it gets added before N/N or Horde multipliers.. Creating a single pair would add 10 pips. *

or....bind with an Avasa of Cleanliness. 10 transfer

•Dancing shoes. For the short dancers. The shoes change themselves to fit any outfit the dancer is wearing. Also changes the style to the dancing style. These shoes also help the wearer to become the right height to fit their dancepartner. Shoes do not get damaged. And can be called to the owner through shadow. Or conjured.

Ang Ri[edit]